Laundromat digital signage

Laundromats and digital signage is a match made in heaven. Why? Well, it’s simple. At a laundromat, you have a captive audience that is sitting around waiting for their laundry to be done. Because the audience is captive, you can use laundromat digital signage as a medium for both entertainment and advertising. 

A way to improve experiences

Create an upscale laundromat that separates you from the combination!

By improving your customer’s experiences, you will enhance loyalty rates while gaining word of mouth advertising. When using digital signage for laundromats, you can display any combination of news feeds, images, YouTube videos, weather forecasts and slideshows.  

  • Incorporate real-time Twitter and Instagram feeds
  • Add a zone playing live TV or cable
  • Feature area restaurant reviews
  • Play upcoming new movie trailers
  • Laundry cleaning tips

Build value while promoting your services

Another way to use laundromat digital signage is to spotlight your advertisements and services. Add a prices menu and a scrolling text ticker that lists your hours of operation. Examples of what you promote using laundromat digital signage includes:

  • Vending machines options with images and prices
  • Wash, dry and fold services
  • Rewards and loyalty programs
  • Washer and dryer capacity loads
  • Commercial laundry packages
  • Pick up and delivery wash 

How do I get started?

All that you need for laundromat digital signage is a TV, digital signage media player and digital signage software.

For TVs you can use any brand and size. For effectiveness, we recommend going with 55″ or larger and placing them in high traffic areas that your customers congregate.

digital signage media player is a small form device that connects to the TV via HDMI and the internet (WiFi or hardwired). On the digital signage media player is the digital signage software. Every minute or so software/media player will check for updates and download them from the cloud.

Digital signage software is a cloud-based platform that you would use to create, edit and manage the TV’s content with. All of the changes that you make can be remotely sent to your TV from any computer at anytime.

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