A Digital signage player is one of the most critical elements of digital signage. Digital signage players are range from 4” x 4” x 1” to 6.5″ x 4″ x 2″ in size and connect to any display or kiosk via HDMI. The most popular and common forms of digital signage players are Android, Chrome OS and Windows.



Digital signage player

What does a digital signage player do?

Digital signage players play the media for your digital signage. Every couple of minutes the digital signage player will check the internet (cloud) for new updates, download them and play the content back on the screen. Using a digital signage software and its widgets you will be able to create and update your content, then send it to your digital signage player/screen or kiosk.

It usually only takes two minutes for your new updates to go live on the digital signage player. Depending on the digital signage software you choose, the content caches locally onto the digital signage player and continues to play even if the internet connection is lost.

Examples of media that can be played on a digital signage player include:

  • Scrolling RSS news
  • Custom text tickers
  • Images, videos and slideshows
  • YouTube and Ustream
  • Google slides and sheets
  • Weather forecasts
  • Live feeds
  • Web images and web pages
  • Social media streams

Android Digital Signage Player

Android digital signage players are one of today’s most popular options. The two most reliable and powerful Android digital signage media player are:

  1. Geniatch APCC39R: industrial grade, metal chassis, HDMI-IN ports, 4K, ARM T890 Processor – $99.00
  2. Minix X10: Commercial grade, 4.17” x 4.17” x 0.75”, metal chassis, an octa-core processor, 4K
  3. Advantech USM-110: Commercial grade, metal chassis, quad-core processor, 4K, dual HDMI output and security mounting bracket

Due to their small form factor and low cost of entry these digital signage players are an ideal solution for digital signage. Available all the way to 4K and robust Octa-Core processors, Android digital signage players offer smooth media playback and best-in-class performance.

Also available are consumer grade Android TVs and commercial grade digital signs that have individual Android SoC media players built-in. Displays with built-in Android digital signage media, players save you money by eliminating the need for purchasing an external digital signage player plus you won’t have any items hanging from the back of your display.

Phillips, Sharp, ViewSonic, GoodView and United Visual Products all offer Android displays and digital kiosks.

Additional benefits of Android digital signage players include:

  • Easy and fast setup
  • Designed for 24/7 usage
  • Metal chassis and industrial grade components
  • Firmware can be optimized for digital signage
  • WiFi, Ethernet, 3G and 4G simm cards for internet
  • Supports touch screen

Additional information:

Chrome OS Digital Signage Player

One of the most significant advantages of Chrome digital signage players is its lightweight OS and chromes device management. The two most popular Chrome OS digital signage player are:

  • Chromebit
    • The size of a USB stick, CS10 Rockchip processor, WiFi and cost-effective
  • Chromebox
    • Intel Celeron 3865U, 4K, commercial-grade components, WiFi

Chrome OS digital signage players are fast and reliable. The media playback on Chromebox especially is crisp. When using Chrome OS digital signage players, you can take advantage of the Chrome OS Google Device Management that allows full admin control over the devices. Control network configurations, auto-updates, remotely install apps, reboot devices, monitor device status and more.

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About NoviSign Digital Signage Players

NoviSign’s digital signage runs on Chrome OS, Android and Windows. To get started simply sign-up for a free trial of NoviSign and install our app on to the digital signage player of your choice.

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  • Create playlists and schedules
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  • Run proof-of-play reports

NoviSign’s digital signage player app is available for free and takes only seconds to get running on your digital signage player.

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