Local government digital signage

Digital Signage for Local Governments – County Government Digital Signage

Digital signage for Local and County Governments is an ideal way to cross-promoting information across multiple branches of governments. It is a seamless approach towards unifying your communications strategy.

Digital signage for local government is a cost-effective solution for sharing information; When using digital signage, you are eliminating the cost of printed signage while streamlining the way you communicate.

You can use local government digital signage to:

  • Improve internal staff communications
  • Broadcast safety and emergency notifications
  • Welcome visitors and provide on-demand building information
  • Display local fundraising events and initiatives
  • Courtroom docket listings and daily schedules

Where can local government digital signage be used?

  • Public offices and building
  • Local courthouses
  • Park recreation building
  • Chamber of commerce
  • Tourist centers
  • DMV

Local Government Digital Signage for Emergency Alerts

Because digital signage enables for remote and instant updates, local and county governments can use digital signage to share real-time emergency notifications and customized notifications that support local safety needs and protocols. Local fire stations, police departments and medical establishments can use local government digital signage to broadcast live warnings to screens located across the city.

  • Police departments– display local public alerts, sex offender bulletins, crime maps
  • FireStations – share essential fire emergency safety tips and evacuation information
  • Medical– show water and air quality reports, public health tips and health emergencies
  • Weather– spotlight potential tornado alerts, flash flood warning and storm notifications

Inspire community involvement

Local Government Digital signage is an influential tool for and encouraging community engagement, in public events, festivals and neighborhood meetings:

  • Outline monthly dates and times of city council and town hall meetings
  • Spotlight coming local election time and political debates
  • Display information on festivals and special neighborhood activities
  • Encourage local tourism and showcase information on local businesses and attractions

A Modern Way to Communicate

Digital signage for local governments allows you to display a variety of engaging media widgets and zones. From adding a section of scrolling local RSS news to a live zone of your Twitter local government digital signage offers users with an-all-in one platform for secure communications.

  • Instantly edit messages then send your content to the specific screens at any locations
  • Share critical public information, add media slideshows and essential FAQ listings
  • Create an information bulletin board that educates and informs the public
  • Display holiday messaging and inspirational notices

About NoviSign

NoviSign’s solution for digital signage for county governments provides county institutions with a reliable and easy to use digital signage platform for engaging with both the public and staff. NoviSigns digital signage for country government is a cloud-based solution that features a drag-and-drop online design Studio, an advanced scheduling module and a monitoring dashboard. NoviSign’s software runs on Chrome OS, Android and Windows media players.

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