Shelf display vs. shelf label
The Shelf Screen digital displays are currently the hottest name in what can be potentially one of the most growing branches of Digital Signage.

Digital Signage is all about the automated, dynamic and high visibility communication approach for retail and other venues/business types. The shelves in the retail industry have been stagnant for many years. This is now starting to change, quite rapidly.

Obviously there are great solutions for the price tags, Companies like Pricer are providing a high end, very popular ESL (Electronic Shelf Solution). Digital shelf screens are the next level for this technology, including the price tags with additional capabilities.

From a Visibility perspective – the digitized shelves look better, cleaner, more viable and appealing. From an operational perspective it is surely more efficient, less error prone than the manual price tags and if comparing it to ESL – this is as simple and much richer with options.

But it is not only the operational flexibility, the high visibility and “cleaner” design of shelves – the Digital Shelf Display is the foundation for potential innovative capabilities of a “Smart Shelf” that will impact the retail industry – Pricing changes according to external events, number of visitor, proximity, weather changes and any other imaginary solutions that can impact the pricing, the content and be communicated in real time to the customers.

The echo system of digital shelf screen components is changing, in may ways reminds the Digital Signage revolution a decade ago – the cost of the ingredients (Shelf screens, Software license) is dropping, the cost of the implementation is becoming very much reasonable and operational costs can be actually positive in the long run, especially if the transformation is from manual price tags.

From ESL to Shelf screen display – the journey is long, but it’s worth it!