Recently, we have added to our digital signage software API to connect to RFID and barcode readers.
This is a great solution for visitors and shoppers in a shop who want to get more information about a product. It works similar to our RFID integration, but this one has a lower cost, since you do not have to buy RFID passive tags and the price of the barcode reader is significantly cheaper (!) than the price of the RFID reader. In this case we integrated our product with Honeywell Voyager barcode reader. However, we can integrate with other barcode readers as well.

Barcode digital signage
Let’s simplify the way it works in few simple steps:

1. The visitor enters the store and takes a product in the store.

2. He takes the hand held barcode reader (which is connected to the digital signage device which is connected to a screen) and scans the barcode sticker on the product, just like in a supermarket.

3. The product, when scanned, makes the reader to make a beep sound (and sends a signal to the signage device that a specific slide related to that barcode number needs to be triggered).

4. The specific slide which is related to that barcode number (which is on the product) is triggered and appears on screen, giving the visitor information about that product.

The following video will show you how does the visitor experience in a wine shop with a barcode reader looks like:

Barcode combined with the digital signage domain can provide a better interactive experience for your customers.

So, what do you need for making this come true? Contact us at to see what fits you best.