The smart entrance widget was created during the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to assist businesses to control the amount of people that can enter any type of compound. The way is by using another device with touch abilities (i.e. smartphone) as the controller of the entrance and increase or decrease the known number of people which are now attending the compound, so when reaching a predefined threshold, the stop sign will appear (and when it is possible to enter, a gren light sign will be there).

When you open the Creative Composer in your account when at the online Studio CMS, you will find the smart entrance widget in the left arsenal of widgets.

The properties pane will look like this:
Smart entrance widget - properties

  1. Drag and drop the smart entrance widget from the widgets arsenal to the canvas.
  2. Start customizing the widget by typing a Title and selecting whether it will be visible or not.
  3. Add an image to each status. You can create new statuses (not only “Go” and “Stop”). You should assign it an image for the display and another image to appear in the controller app (the one which can be used on a smartphone), and also set its duration in seconds for its appearance.
  4. Set or edit the name for at least two statuses.
  5. Click Save and your creative is ready.
  6. For the controller panel click on the button Copy controller link. You should use this URL in a browser on any touch device which will be used as the controller of this particular entrance.
  7. Another way to create a controller is within NoviSign. That means as a content, which means that above URL will appear within a creative in a webpage widget or embedded HTML widget. If that is what you’d like to do, then create an additional new creative and add the embedded HTML widget.
  8. In the embedded HTML widget (or in the webpage widget), select the URL field and paste the copied link.
  9. Click Save, in order to save the creative and use this creative as part of the playlist to be used in the NoviSign app which you should run on a touch device (i.e. smartphone to be used as the controller).

Smart entrance widget