Recently, we have added, in the online Studio v4.3.62-0-147 and player apps v4.4.65-0-170 (Android/ChromeOS) / 4.4.66-0-170 (Windows), new features:

  • Touch properties for most of the widgets.
  • Allowing the touch ability to work in a target creative which is within an embedded creative widget.
  • Bug fixes for the embedded creative widget.

The embedded creative widget allows you to have a creative within a creative. So far, the target creative (that one which you point to through the embedded widget) was like a “view”. Now it is interactive, that means you can set it to be touchable, like any other widget on your main creative.

Touch properties
The big news in this release are the touch properties. So far, if you wanted to mark an area somewhere in the canvas to be touchable, you had to use the touch widget, then mark the area (which will be the borders of the touch widget) and also set an action for the touch widget (one of four: 1. go to target creative; 2. page back to previous slide on a target slideshow widget; 3. page forward to next slide on a target slideshow widget; 4. pause the current slide on a target slideshow widget).
Now, you do not need to use an extra widget (the touch widget), as almost each widget has touch properties, which gives it touch abilities (the 4 above mentioned touch actions). This is not only for the video widget, image widget, slideshow widget and label widget, but also for other widgets as well.

Touch properties
In every widget, in the properties pane in the right side of the Creative Composer, you have a “Set Touch Properties” button, that once you press it, opens a popup window, with a dropdown list with 5 options for setting the 4 above touch actions. The first option there is “Nothing” (that’s the default, but this will be added in the next Studio release), means that no touch ability will apply here.
The “Reset” button (will be added in the next Studio release) allows you to reset the touch properties for the widget. Any change there will immediately apply.
Report clicks on this widget” – checking this checkbox (this will be added in the next Studio release) will make this widget to appear in a daily sent CSV report, in case you set the creative to “collect statistics”.
Aggregate clicks on this widget” – checking this checkbox will allow you showing how many people clicked on this widget, in a special counter made by a label widget with data expression. Example: if you gave the name “MyWidgets” to 2 different creatives in the very same user account in the “Aggregate name” textbox (i.e. image of Coca Cola and image of Pringles), then if you like to show the aggregated click count of those 2 in all possible devices, you’ll have to use the label widget and put this data expression there: ${CLICKS.MyWidgets}
If the aggregation name is “CoolWidgets“, the data expression shall be: ${CLICKS.CoolWidgets}
This data label counter is supposed to be updated every ~20 minutes from the server.

That’s all for now, folks.