NoviSign offers Digital Signage Games, a new interactive on-screen capability.

This highly innovative feature joins Digital Signage Poll, our former release, and presents a new and exciting aspect of future capabilities built on top of traditional Digital Signage. This functionality demonstrates the potential of SSI technology and the great business value it brings to the traditional Digital Signage industry.
Imagine that people can play online games, using their smartphone as a game console, on your screen while watching commercials on the same screen. Imagine that people can vote to a poll running on your screen with or in between commercials and ads, using their smartphones for voting. And 2 minutes after, seeing the result bars and percentages updating on the screen. Just imagine.
You know what? No need to imagine.

Digital Signage Gaming enables a Digital Signage screen owner to display a game (we call them “NoviGames”) on the screen that can be played by any smartphone (or smart device) owner. The connectivity is usually achieved by scanning a simple QR code placed at convenient spots throughout the venue. As soon as the device is connected, the user/player can use it as a controller (game console) and start playing. Some games can be played by two players. Some games can be played by more than two players.

In the first release, NoviSign offered the game ‘4-in-a-row’. This well-known kids’ and adults’ popular game has been transformed into a Digital Signage game. Imagine a store in which the kids can grab the parent’s smartphone and play against other kids in the same store! Add to this the ability to grant a coupon to the winner or to all the players – and a new powerful marketing tool is now at your disposal. Recently we have added the tic-tac-toe and a race. Now we have 3 NoviGames for your digital signage gaming. Here is a cool hilarious video showing that:

The game, which can be displayed on any type of Digital Signage screen on the NoviSign CMS (Content Management System) SaaS-based platform, can also be altered to fit your needs (branding/coloring). Additional games can easily and quickly be developed by NoviSign and even by NoviSign customers on their own.

Any smart-device user can access the game on the screen. No need for app installation or any other active operation, apart from log-in (using QR code or URL).

Digital Signage Tic-Tac-ToeDigital Signage 4-In-A-RowDigital Signage Race
Digital Signage Game ConsoleSmart Phone digital signage game controllerDigital Signage Race Console


Connect to our interactive server and start using this new capability. Set this game on any size display and in any location and let your visitors join the fun and action. Small or large screen, one or more screens, at a conference, at the university, at city hall or a public event, or in a doctor’s waiting room, display the game on the sign.
Recently, we have added 2 new NoviGames: Sudoku. Here is a demonstration video for the Sudoku signage game; Say. Here is the introduction page.

How to set up our digital signage games? Click here.

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