Keep visitors outside the store informed with visual alerts and warnings to control your store entrance, when customers should stop and wait or when is it safe to enter.

Gate traffic controllerMany stores today are still under lockdown, however, they will soon begin to be reopened.
To keep your customers and employees safe together with following government social distancing restrictions on Coronavirus, NoviSign offers a simple Customer Traffic Light to instruct customers whether they can enter the store venue safely or should they stop and wait outside, before they can enter. The digital sign is displayed on a screen, positioned at the retail store entrance, while the stop & go is controlled by a smartphone of any employee you like.
Retail traffic light for COVID-19

Benefits of using the gate controller:

  • Helps to keep X people in the store in an easy way
  • No integration needed and can be up and running within one hour
  • Works on any screen
  • You can also run it over Android tablets
  • Controlled from any smartphone
  • Screen can also display information, news, promotions and guidance
  • Use the screen to remind people to wear masks, keep social distancing, not to go in if they feel sick

You can download some suitable media here:

Download go mediaDownload stop media

Components needed for the traffic light controller:

  • Laptop for initial setup and content update via NoviSign online Studio
  • Screen on stand at the entrance of the store
  • Smartphone that will be used as the traffic controller

How to set it up:

  • Log in to NoviSign’s Studio and set the creatives you likeStop traffic creative edit 
  • Position a screen at the store entranceLogin NoviSign player app 
  • Open a link on the phoneMobile app Controller NoviSign 
  • Start managing incoming visitor traffic with digital signage screens by NoviSign

Watch this video of how we do it:

If you like detailed instructions of how to build your NoviGate, using our smart entrance widget, please click here for the tech post.

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