Digital signage for plastic surgery clinics

Digital Signage for Plastic Surgeons is the perfect way to directly communicate with both current and potential customers that are sitting in your waiting room. With digital signage for plastic surgery clinics, you can display any combination of engaging zones:

  • Tell your clinics story and history
  • Share before and after images
  • Display information on new procedures
  • Include doctor images and biographies
  • Feature customer testimonials
  • List medispa services

A new way to interact with patients

By simply adding screens to your lobby and using a cloud-based digital signage software platform, you can use plastic surgery clinic digital signage to share entertaining information that educates while positioning your clinic as experts. For hardware, all that you need is a computer, a TV and a digital signage player.

Once you have your hardware connected access the web-based digital signage software to make and manage your plastic surgery clinic digital signage screens. Using the drag-and-drop widgets you can easily and quickly create your content. Popular ways digital signage for plastic surgery clinics can be used include:

  • Display customer FAQ
  • Financing options
  • Educational videos
  • News and interviews
  • YouTube videos

Getting started with digital signage for plastic surgery clinics

NoviSign digital signage offers a web-based digital signage software platform that is easy-to-use and cost effective.  Simply purchase the media player of your choice and content it to your TV via HDMI.

If your looking for a reliable media player or not sure what to purchase check out this system. It comes preloaded with our NoviSign app and specifically designed for digital signage.

Our pricing is only $20 a month per screen and you will gain full access to an-all-in one digital signage studio that includes:

  • Best variety of drag and drop widgets
  • Customizable template library
  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • YouTube and Ustream live videos
  • Create and manage new playlists
  • Advanced scheduling capabilities
  • Manage a single display or hundreds
  • Admin controls with multi-user control
  • Cloud media library for storing your media
  • Real-time content updates
  • Complete training
  • Monday – Friday phone support
  • 24/7 email ticketing