This post will present you 4 possible ways of how to display a dynamic price on a display TV, in your retail store, using NoviSign’s digital signage software:

1) Webpage widget
Using the good old webpage widget, in order to display a web page or a portion of a web page is the usual suspect. For using this simple way, you need to have constant internet and that’s the only downside.

2) Webpage widget with proxy
Well, if you can not have internet all the time, add a proxy. This way, the webpage will be taken from the proxy cache, in case of no internet.

3) Softlabel
We can use the label widget as a “soft label” (as we did at Worten stores in Portugal). We get the data via FTP, every day and display the data in a label widget. Using this option requires us to connect to the FTP, then map the data from the CSV file to our database in NoviSign. Since an integration process by an engineer of us is required, we will charge a symbolic amount for this one time integration.

Softlabel pricing for digital signage4) RSS widget
We can use the RSS widget, like a static text (putting zero speed) and build a an RSS expression for each price. Also, we can set an online XML file to update the pricing. Your RSS links should take data from there (using RSS feed, keeps the data even if there is no connection).