Recently, we have upgraded the online Studio and the Management Console. The new player apps will soon be released.
We have added the following features:

  • FTP widget, which allows you to take videos and images from an FTP URL, rather than from you media library/NoviSign account.
  • Auto scroll (for the Android player app only), which allows a webpage content to scroll by itself down (in case the content is bigger than the widget’s borders) and up, continuously.
  • Shuffle – Ability to randomize the slides within a slideshow widget in a blended creative, like you shuffle a card deck. Each cycle will be a new shuffle.
  • Custom clock format – Now, you can customize your own clock format, when using the clock widget.
  • Enhanced Management Console (for partners only) – The Management Console is now Multi lingual. You can choose your own language. Don’t have your language there? Talk with us. Also, now you can export the Console’s results to a CSV file.

Online Studio v4.3.32-0-115
How to use the FTP widget?
Say, that you have an FTP site with your media, called, the media is located in a root folder named “MyFolder” and the user to access this FTP is “myftpuser“.
In the widget, you’ll have to set the following settings:
Server – Type there your FTP URL. In this example: (remember not to put “ftp://” before the URL).
User – Type there your FTP username. In this example: myftpuser
Password – Type there the password of your FTP username.
Directory – The folder where the media files are located. In this example: /MyFolder/ (do not forget to put slash before and after the folder name).
Pattern – The pattern of the media files to be used. Example: *.mp4 will use all the mp4 video files, *.jpg will use all the jpg images, MyVideo.mp4 will play only the specific video called MyVideo.mp4, etc.
Sort by name – Checking this checkbox will sort the media alphabetically, in case of multiple media files.
Duration – The default duration for displaying an image slide. Remember that the FTP widget is actually a slideshow widget-like that can show videos and/or images.
Check interval – The frequency of checking the FTP folder for new media. Please notice that the only 2 cases where the FTP folder is checked for new media (new files or same files with different content) is when you press “Go” in the app or according the check interval. It is not checked when the creative starts playing, each playlist cycle.
FTP widget

How to use the shuffle feature?
The shuffle feature is actually a checkbox property which was added to the slideshow widget. By checking this “Shuffle slideshow” checkbox, the app will randomize the order of the slides within the slideshow widget, before every cycle of the slideshow, like shuffling a card deck. The preview of the Creative Composer can demonstrate that, but the preview is built differently than the app as it randomizes each slide separately.
Shuffle feature

How to use the custom clock format?
This is a new option, just below the dropdown list of the predefined good old formats. If you want to use it, check the checkbox and type your custom format, such as EEEE for the day in the week, MMMM for month name, dd for the day in the month and so on.
Clock widget custom format feature

Management Console v4.3.32-0-115
Now the Management Console tool (for partners only) is multi lingual and can support any language that we can add. Also, you have a small button on top, for exporting the grid results to a CSV file (Excel-like file).

Player Apps

  • Native Android player app v4.4.14-0-114 – Added support for the FTP widget, shuffle feature and bug fixes. The auto scroll feature was already added few versions ago. If you want to learn more about this feature, please read about its settings in our quick ref for Android app.
  • Native Windows player app v4.4.15-0-114 – Added support for the FTP widget, shuffle feature and bug fixes.
  • Chrome OS player app v4.4.14-0-114 – Added support for the FTP widget, shuffle feature and bug fixes.