A man walks on the street and spreads some kind of powder. A police man approaches him and asks ‘why are you doing this?’. It is a powder against elephants, the man replies. But we don’t have elephants here the Police man says, with an amazed look on his face. Good! says the man, I wasn’t fooled by the Pharmacy it must be working ….

Can you imagine where I read this sweet harmless joke? On the screen in my local ‘Nature Pharmacy’ while waiting in the queue for the lotion my wife likes (cost a fortune) and I’m not sure if really effective … The Pharmacy implement digital signage few weeks ago. Everybody noticed the new shiny Digital Sign, but as the weeks went by, and the content continued to be somewhat ‘routine’, it became just like another marketing tool, noticeable, effective but boring…

The Pharmacy owner was the first to realize that he is losing the affect. Being an interesting character (Well, everyone who open a nature shop must be colorful, don’t they), and with healthy sense of humor, he identified humor as one of the most effective tools to fight the boring nature of marketing signs, and this – without investing too much in fancy flash adds that would have killed the idea of Digital Signage for Small and Medium business – Keep It Simple (And cheap).

Adding humor, and this example even a healthy ‘self humor’ is so effective that even a skeptic like me, buying this ‘natural ingredients only’ lotion, made me do it with a smile on my face…

Well, you can laugh all you want, ads-men and publishers know this for a decade – Humor sells! (Well, so does Sex, but I’m saving this to my next blog – with pictures :-).

Take is seriously – you can laugh all the way to the bank, use humor in your Digital Signage.