There are dozens of Digital Signage software solutions, ranging between “free” (Well, you know how it goes: it starts free but eventually costs you more.) to $50(+) per month per screen and other business models, such as a ‘life time license’ and ‘hosted services’ and so on. What, then, makes NoviSign unique?

The answer is a combination of several components, which we at NoviSign identified as critical for our offering – a clear business model, reasonable pricing, simplicity in use, and richness of content. These are the pillars on which NoviSign has based its software. Aiming for the SMB market, we targeted the software to fit the needs of these businesses. Using the new, highly effective digital experience in their venues, SMBs can increase profitability and sales while reducing marketing and operation costs. In addition, improving customer retention is part of the Digital Signage Saas-based ‘package’ – NoviSign Digital Signage improves customer experience, especially by harnessing social network widgets to implement the ‘virtual social scene’ in the business.

Bigger, multi-branch, national companies can reach employees throughout the globe to convey messages at real time with specific content per branch and location.

In its new form, Digital Signage is a broadcast platform.  It has evolved into a much more effective tool than a simple ‘PowerPoint on demand’ as it was in the past decade. Using it wisely can improve the performance of a business of any size. We at NoviSign are quite confident of that!

We’ll be happy to get a straight ‘unfiltered’ feedback from users/partners. We listen, we learn and we implement. Users are our best Product Managers.