China digital signageNoviSign is looking east, to China and around.
Here is a list of references to NoviSign in the Chinese media:

Israeli start-up companies – “China Dream”? NoviSign is entering the Chinese market [29-Apr-2015]
Article in Baijia / Baidu (Chinese replacement for Google)
Article in Sohu
Article in “the Times of Israel”

Israeli startup NoviSign – SMBs will be able to market by Android digital signage with affordable cost [12-Apr-2015]
Article in Baijia / Baidu
Article in Sohu
Article in “the Times of Israel”

NoviSign videos on YouKu (the Chinese replacement for YouTube):

NoviSign – an Israeli technology startup doing digital signage (interview by Ms. Xi)

NoviSign digital signage web editor – now added the Chinese language!

NoviSign interactive game on big screen

NoviSign Android Digital Signage

NoviSign Instagram selfie party