• digital kiosks for retail
  • Digital kiosks for banks
  • digital kiosks for casinos
  • Digital kiosks for car dealerships
  • Digital kiosks for hospitals
  • Digital kiosks for restaurants

Because digital kiosks are sleek, small form factor and visually appealing they have become one of today’s most popular forms of digital signage. Let’s take a look at 8 markets that are using digital kiosks to improve the way they visually communicate, sell more products and improve patron’s experiences.


1. Digital Kiosks for Retail

Captivate customers with the eye-catching appeal of digital kiosks. Use retail digital kiosks to upsell items and drive impulse purchases. Save money on high-cost static signage. With a retail digital kiosk you can remotely update the content with new daily sales, list featured new products, information and more.  You can even preschedule weekly ads to automatically update and display on the digital kiosk on specific times and dates.

Using a digital kiosk for retail you can:

  • Showcase product commercials and HD videos
  • Ad dynamic media slideshows of images and promotions
  • Share information about your loyalty and rewards program
  • Spotlight customer service information and FAQ
  • Incorporate your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds


2. Digital Kiosks for Car Dealerships

Digital Kiosks for car dealerships is the picture-perfect solution to advertising.  Car dealership digital kiosks grab attention and are highly visible due at eye level. Your marketing and sales department will be able to easily share new inventory promotions, featured new arrivals, service packages and more. Upgrade your car dealerships show room signage today using digital kiosks!

Digital Kiosks can be used to:

  • Promote trade-in and certified pre-owned specials
  • Upsell service, tires and roadside assistance programs
  • Share your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds
  • Advertise exclusive lease options
  • Spotlight customer car reviews and images


3. Digital Kiosks for Casinos

Using a digital kiosk for your casino is an easy and effective way to draw attention and reach your guests. Share any form of casino related messaging, promotions, announcements and updates using digital kiosks. If used correctly digital kiosks will help you drive new sales while improving your guests experience.

Ways that you can us a digital kiosk for your casino include:

  • Advertise new games, drink sales and upcoming matches
  • Share on-premise restaurant specials and happy hours
  • Add casino maps and digital directories for casino wayfinding
  • Display upcoming poker events, standing and tournaments
  • Upsell casino services and VIP programs


4. Digital Kiosks for Colleges

Colleges, Universities, Technical Schools and other Educational facilities can all use digital kiosks to intuitively share and spread information across their entire campus. From displaying daily class schedules to creating customized welcome messages for visiting alumni to advertising book store sales you can use digital kiosks to effectively reach and connect with students, staff and guests.

Use a digital kiosk to:

  • Display information about upcoming lectures and educational gathering
  • Share admin news, registration schedules and campus news
  • Promote volunteer and local community programs
  • Add emergency alerts, weather and school sports news
  • Feature campus wayfinding maps and digital directories


5. Digital Kiosks for Banks

Financial institutions, banks and credit unions can all use digital kiosks to directly reach and better communicate with customers. Use digital kiosks to welcome your guests while sharing information about your bank and its offerings. Display any combination of helpful investing and saving tips, information and banking advantages using a digital kiosk.

Digital kiosks for banks can be used to:

  • Features new interest rates, credit cards and mortgage programs
  • Inform customers about new policy updates and news
  • Educate customers on financial best practices
  • Promote checking, saving, and business accounts
  • Spotlight information about new online banking programs


6. Digital Kiosks for Restaurants

Turn your menu into a digital menu board using digital kiosks! Add a digital kiosk your waiting area to reduce perceived wait times while adding a layer of visual entertainment. Use restaurant digital kiosks to advertise new menu items, featured specials and happy hours promotions. Preschedule breakfast, lunch, dinner and other specials to automatically play on specific times and days.

Use restaurant digital kiosks to:

  • Promote special drinks, appetizers and desserts
  • Showcase items being cooked and how their made
  • List daily specials and make on-the-fly changes to pricing
  • Showcase your new website and customer loyalty programs
  • Improve your restaurant branding


7. Digital Kiosks for Hotels

Create a warm welcoming experience while showcasing your hotel amenities using digital kiosks for hotels. Hotel Digital Kiosks are a modern and effective way to share guest and hotel promotions and customer service information. Digital kiosks can be easily deployed in your lobby and other high traffic areas.

Hotels can use digital kiosks to:

  • List daily event and conference schedules
  • Share facility “You are here” more hotel wayfinding
  • Display flight and transportation shuttle times
  • Welcome guests and large groups with custom messages
  • Add images, videos, weather, news and social media feeds


8. Digital Kiosks for Hospitals

Medical facilities can use digital kiosks to improve patient’s experiences and internally to better communicate with staff. Digital kiosks can be used to display important information, FAQ, hospital wayfinding maps, check-in procedures and more! Digital kiosks can be used to share information about seasonal colds and how to treat them.

Healthcare digital kiosks can be used to:

  • Inform patients of hospital and medical news and services
  • Spotlight information about new clinics and wellness programs
  • Offer wayfinding directions with hospital “You are maps” and directories
  • Sell advertising spots to medical related companies
  • Provide directions to parking structures