Digital Signage for Manufacturing Facilities

By adding digital signage for manufacturing to your factory floor, you will be able to easily and quickly improve the way you communicate with your employees. Manufacturing floor digital signage allows you to share production line information, productivity charts, days without accidents and more! When using digital signage for factories, you will be able to:

  • Stream real-time live updates and notifications
  • Display excel, charts, XML and web URLs
  • Share daily, weekly, or monthly production metrics
  • Employee news and training videos
  • Safety protocols and instructions
  • KPI reports and slideshows

Increase efficiency

Use digital signage for manufacturing facilities to share daily information that is vital to your production lines. From any computer, at any time you can make instant changes to your manufacturing floors digital signs. Easily and quickly add new PowerPoint slides, custom scrolling text notifications, HD videos, daily task messages and more.

  • Update one screen at a time or all screens within one click
  • All information caches locally onto the media player/display
  • Pre-schedule updates, set expiration dates and recurring schedules
  • Remotely monitor the screens status and health

A better way to communicate

Digital signage for manufacturing facilities can be used across many areas of your manufacturing facility. Your lobby, factory floor, break rooms and outside of conference rooms are all areas in which factory digital signage can be used.

Because digital signage for manufacturing facilities can be changed on the fly this form of visual communications bridges the gap for internal communications. With digital signage for manufacturing facilities you will be able to:

  • Display emergency alerts, weather updates and news
  • Share required meetings times and scheduled event listings
  • List important corporate updates and communications
  • Recognize standout employees, birthdays and work anniversaries

Getting started with digital signage for manufacturing

Start with identifying high traffic locations within your facility in which employees spend time and areas they work. The area must have a site in which you can mount a factory floor digital sign. Keep in mind that the manufacturing digital signs must be easily visible to employees. Once you have you location picked out you will need to source the following components for manufacturing facility digital signage:

  • TV or Commercial Grade Digital Sign
    • A commercial grade screen is rated for 50,000 hours of commercial use
    • Come with metal encasing that withstands commercial environments
    • Features tempered glass that resists impact
    • A regular TV can be used also but it does not include commercial features
  • Media Player
    • This connects to the display via HDMI
    • Digital signage software is installed on the player and plays your content
    • Popular players include Android, Chrome OS and Windows
  • Cloud Digital Signage Software
    • Create and manage the manufacturing facility digital signs
    • Make on-the-fly edits to content
    • Schedule playlists and monitor the screens

Digital signage software for manufacturing facilities

NoviSign digital signage for manufacturing is an efficient and quick way to broadcast your manufacturing notifications, statistics, news, updates, videos, and other information. Using NoviSigns cloud-based digital signage software, you will be able to control and update all of the factories digital signage. With over 20,000 screens deployed globally across 5 continents, NoviSign offers a reliable and easy-to-use the platform.

  • No setup fees or expensive annual maintenance fees
  • Drag-and-drop widgets and apps for easy content creation
  • Includes complete library of customizable templates
  • Full training, videos, and support is included
  • Pricing starts at $20 per month / per screen
  • Volume discounts and promotional pricing available