PowerPoint Digital Signage

PowerPoint digital signage at it’s purest form is the process of displaying your advertisements and communications on a TV in the format of a slideshow. Many times PowerPoint digital signage consists of full-screen slides rotating through every couple of seconds. But what if you could add more zones or sections of content to your PowerPoint digital signage

Let’s say maybe you could incorporate a scrolling ticker of text or news headlines playing on the bottom of the slides. Or maybe add a real-time weather forecast on the side of your PowerPoint digital signage and below add a scrolling ticker of your companies communications? You could use this type of set-up to create neat Digital Bulletin Boards that are visually engaging while offering viewers a wide variety of useful information. 

What are the advantages of PowerPoint Digital Signage

Well, for starters, PowerPoint is one of the world’s most commonly used platforms to create media in. From managers to front desk employees, PowerPoint is easy-to-use and almost everyone knows how to use it! So why not use PowerPoint digital signage as your starting point for creating your content?!

  • Easily create your slides using PowerPoint
  • Use premade templates to get started fast
  • You don’t need a graphic design background of Photoshop
  • Make on-the-fly changes to your slides

How to use PowerPoint digital signage

To get started, all that you need to do is design your slides using PowerPoint or a program called Canva. Canva is a free online design tool that lets users easily design their slides, add cool images while being able to layer in neat visual text effects.

Once you’ve got your slides setup, you would set them in a sequence to play. Using a cloud-based digital signage software, like NoviSign, you can easily upload your slides and set the number of seconds that you’d like each slide to play. With NoviSign, it only takes seconds to set up your slide show digital signage!

Three Steps to Getting Started with PowerPoint digital signage

 1. Identify what you are looking to display

Sit down with your team and outline the top 5 things that you’re looking to accomplish with PowerPoint digital signage. This could be displaying company announcements, training materials and daily metrics.

 2. Design your slides

Once you understand what your wanting to accomplish, begin with creating your PowerPoint digital signage slides. When setting up your slides, keep the design easy to read, and use high contrasting colors. An example of this could be a black background with white text. The contrast will make it easier for your messages to be read.

3. Get your slides onto the TV

Many times people will save their PowerPoint digital signage slides to a USB thumb drive and play them on a TV. The problem with this is that every time you make a change, you will have to update the sign manually. This is not only time consuming but makes the process of updating your PowerPoint digital signage content difficult if you have multiple TV’s across your business or at various locations. 

An alternative to this is using a cloud-based digital signage software platform to update the PowerPoint digital signage slides. With NoviSign, all that you would have to do is update your slides from any computer, and the content across all TVs will automatically update!

What is Google Slides for PowerPoint digital signage

Another way that you can setup your PowerPoint digital signage is by using Google Slides. Google Slides is Google’s version of PowerPoint. It is free to use and best of all includes similar effects of PowerPoint. Aside from this, you can connect your Google Slides with digital signage, so the updates are live. What does this mean? Well, as you make changes and updates to your Google Slides, they will auto-update on the screen in real-time! This eliminates the need of having to update two different platforms.

How do I create my own slides without PowerPoint?

If you’re looking to design your own slide show for digital signage without using PowerPoint, you can use NoviSign. How? Well, for starters, NoviSign offers a free form design Studio that comes with an entire library of customizable templates to choose from and customize. Once you have your template selected, you can choose from over 20+ drag-and-drop widgets to add images, videos, social media feeds, company announcements, schedules and more!

Another really cool feature that is included with NoviSign is a free library of over 20,000 HD stock images (from Unsplash) that you can browse through and use. The imagery can be used to create backgrounds, or you can incorporate the images into the design of your slides. 

About NoviSign

NoviSign is an easy-to-use cloud-based digital signage software platform. We allow users with any technical background to intuitively design and send information to any TV. You can try NoviSign out free for 30-days!