Below you can find the recommended configuration for Adobe Air devices (such as Windows) you will use as digital signage players. Any device which can run Adobe Air (Windows based PC, Linux and MacOS) will be able to be used as a digital signage player. However, the most common one will be Windows PC. This is a live document which is based on our partners’ experience in the field, so it will be updated as we go on. Please send us any feedback and recommendations on the below so we can keep improving it.

On the PC:

  1. Disable the screen saver.
  2. In the power options (under the control panel), make sure that the PC will never dim the display, never turn off the display and never put the computer in sleep mode.
  3. Uninstall all unneeded programs to prevent interference with the NoviSign app.
  4. Disable auto update requests from installed programs (such as Acrobat Reader, printer, etc.), so they won’t pop up on the screen while playing.
  5. Install the Adobe air environment. Better install a version which is older than version 16. You can download Adobe Air v13 here. You can also install the Adobe Air settings manager which will allow you to disable the Adobe Air auto updates (you can download that from here).
  6. Install the NoviSign app from The installation file is the only file with the “air” file extension.
  7. Run the NoviSign app and type the long screen key which you got from the Studio.
  8. If you wish the app to start when the PC boots up, then check the “Skip this screen on app startup” checkbox in the app and also add the NoviSign app icon to the start menu of the Windows (there are different ways to do it in different types of Windows).
  9. Please remember: When uploading video files to be displayed in an Air player, make sure all of them are in FLV (flash) format.


Please notice: In case you encounter stability issues with the app, you might need to install a restarter app like Knas. To do that:

  1. Go to and download the exe installer file.
  2. Follow the installation step by step. You might need to install .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 ( in case of 0135 error.
  3. Start the NoviSign player app and exit the full screen.
  4. Start the Knas app. Select the NoviSign app from the running processes list, set a reasonable time for “Monitor Interval” (less than 60 is not recommended, but 20 seconds seems to work fine) and the “Kill if unresponsive for intervals” to 2.
  5. Press the “Save Settings” and then press the “Start” to start the monitor.
  6. Save a shortcut on the desktop.
  7. Add shortcut to the Windows start menu (for the Knas) and remove the autostart of NoviSign player app.
  8. Make sure that the checkbox “Skip this screen on app startup” in the NoviSign app is checked.

* If you like to see the installation manual of the native Windows player app, click here.
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