This user manual will guide you how to install the NoviSign digital signage player app on most of Android based Hisense smart TVs (also called “SoC” – System on Chip).
Hisense TVs are Android based and therfore will used our Android player app.

Hisense Smart TV
Hisense TVs have Android TV user interface, but not all of them have the Google Play store on them. Since you can also install the APK using a USB stick, we’ll take this approach, even though the better and easier way is from the Google Play store.

Setup the Android

  1. Before installing, first you need to setup some Android basic settings. You can use the TV remote control ,but to make it shorter, better connect a mouse and a keyboard (mini BT keyboard with touchpad is even better), then turn on the TV.
  2. Follow the on-screen step-by-step instructions, for choosing language, etc.
  3. Once you’re done, you’ll find yourself in the Android home screen, the special launcher of Hisense.
  4. Enter the Android settings by clicking the gear icon on the homse screen.
  5. Navigate to the “System” menu, then “Date & Time” and manually choose the right timezone and make sure that the date and time are taken from the network.
  6. Under the “System” menu, find the “Power &amp Energy” submenu and turn off all options of screen screen, power saving and auto shut-off.
  7. Exit back to the Android TV home screen.

Installing from APK

  1. You might need to install an enhanced file explorer, in order to be able to access files from your USB port, when you connect a USB stick. If that is the case, install it like any app from the Google Play store.
  2. Afterwards, you’ll need to navigate to the USB stick and install the NoviSign APK (can be downloaded from here).
  3. Alternatively, if you have a browser app in your Hisense TV or if you install a browser (i.e. Google Chrome) from the Google Play store (in case you do have a Google Play store there), then you’ll be able to surf to our download website and download/install our APK.
  4. After installation, you’ll find the app icon under the Android settings (the gear icon on top) in a menu that holds all the installed apps.

Configuring the app

  1. Enter the NoviSign app. Check the the “Start automatically…” checkbox and type the screen key of your screen (as it appears in your online Studio account) or login to your account (in the top right corner, you can log in to your Studio account, in order to be able to choose your screen, by clicking the magnifying glass icon, rather than just typing its screen key).
  2. Press “Go” to run your playlist. If it looks ok (after one cycle), access the app’s settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Change the “Display Notifications” settings (under the “Display” block of settings) to “off”. Click the “Back” button in the TV remote control in order to exit the settings and press “Go”.

How to create content?

If you like to learn how to create content for your digital signage Hisense TV, using our online Studio CMS, please visit our step-by-step user guide.

Quick reference for the app’s settings

To access the NoviSign APK settings, just start your player application and in the entrance screen (the orange screen), click the gear icon in top right corner of the screen. The Android app quick ref document is here.

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