Digital signage for ski resorts

Digital signage for ski resorts is one of today’s most effective forms of visual communication signage. Because ski resort digital signage is ‘digital’, you can display and an unlimited amount of information, resort wayfinding, trail and weather conditions, ski lesson listings, mountain safety procedures, employee communications and more!  Popular ways that you can use resort digital signage include:

  • Lift tickets and trail information
  • Ski season passes and promotions
  • Lodging and accommodations
  • Daily activity schedules
  • Snowboard rentals
  • Lodging amenities
  • Digital menu boards

Improve Guest Experiences

Use digital signage for ski resorts to streamline the way you share daily information and guest updates. Make on the fly changes to important guest-centric announcements and mountain reports.

From any computer, at any time you can quickly make updates to the ski resort digital signs and within minutes the new updates will update. Using drag-and-drop widgets, you can add slides, custom scrolling tickers, HD videos and other media.

  • Send changes to groups of the screen or one screen a time
  • The content caches onto the media player so no blue zones
  • Pre-schedule updates, set expiration dates, and recurring schedules
  • Remotely monitor the screens status and health

Events, schedules and activities

Add digital signage for ski resorts to high traffic locations in your resort. Your lobby and guest services areas are two primary locations in which digital signage can be used. Because these areas contain heavy traffic, you can use digital signage for resorts to promote your special events better, advertise, and reach your guests consistently.

By making it easier for your guests to access the information you will improve experiences while eliminating the need to every print new signage!

Use digital signage for ski resorts to display:

  • Images of upcoming events with activity time and location
  • Scrolling schedules of daily signature events
  • Directional maps of premise dining and entertainment options
  • Holiday and seasonal promotions

Getting started with digital signage for ski resorts

Start with pinpointing high traffic areas within your ski resort in which guests congregate and or pass by. Because these locations see lots of traffic, you can make the best of the digital signage for resorts. Once you have the locations you will need to gather the following items for your ski resorts digital signage:

  • TV or Commercial Grade Digital Sign
    • A digital sign is rated for 50,000 hours of commercial use, comes with a metal encasing, and features tempered glass
    • A regular TV can also be used, but it does not include commercial features
  • Media Player
    • A digital signage media player connects to a display via HDMI
    • Digital signage software is installed on the media player and plays your media and content
    • Popular media players include Android, ChromeOS and Windows
  • Cloud-Based Digital Signage Software
    • Create and manage your ski resorts digital signage
    • Design your content from scratch or customize templates
    • Schedule your playlists and monitor the screens

Digital signage software for ski resorts

NoviSigns digital signage for ski resorts is a reliable and easy way to share your messages, videos, images, tickers, news feeds, maps and other information. Using NoviSign’s cloud-based digital signage software for ski resorts you can remotely edit and manage all of your ski resorts digital signage.

  • No  set-up fees or expensive annual maintenance fees
  • Drag and drop widgets and apps for easy content creation
  • Includes complete library of customizable templates
  • Full training, videos and support is included
  • Pricing starts at $20 per month / per screen
  • Volume discounts and promotional pricing available