Donut shop digital menu board displaysDonut Shop Digital Menu Boards bring a new and modern touch to the classic donut shop! From being able to vividly display your menu items in a neat and visually appealing manner to spotlighting your donut of the day, you can use donut shop, digital menu boards, to improve the way you display your menu!

Advantages of donut shop digital menu boards:

  • Easily display your menu items while incorporating images and slideshows
  • Spotlight your highest margin donuts and coffee drinks
  • Incorporate your breakfast menu and preschedule it to auto-play on defined times
  • Use any TV and computer to update your menu wirelessly

Do I need special TVs to setup my donut shop digital menu boards?

To keep it simple, you can use existing TVs! This keep your cost down, while speeding up getting your donut shop digital menus up and running.

If you don’t have TVs, you can use any brand! For size, we recommend going with 40″ and up. From a TV type standpoint, don’t worry about the brand or if it is a “Smart TV.”

Apart from TVs, you will need a digital signage player, aka media players. Those connect to TVs via HDMI and WiFi and are what will wirelessly download your menu and play it on the TV.

How many TVs do I need to get for my donut shop digital menu boards?

The answer to this question comes down to the number of items you have and what other things you want to display on the menu.

When it comes down to the number of items, we recommend displaying no more than 25 per TV. Why? Well, it comes down to readability. If you add too many items to your donut shop digital menu board, it will be crowded and the menu will be hard to read.

If you want to add images, we suggest adding no more then 21 items per TV. This will give you proper spacing to incorporate your media.

What do I need to do to get my donut shop digital menu board designed?

Getting started is easy. All that you need is a computer or laptop and NoviSign. Using the included professionally designed donut digital menu board templates, you will be able to customize and set up your donut menus easily. Within minutes you can add your menu items, descriptions, prices and media to the layouts.

What’s next?

Getting up and running is simple. Sign up for NoviSign’s free 30-day trial, and you can immediately begin designing your menu! Also included, the trial is full of US-based support and training!

If you have more questions, call us anytime: (646) 893-7770 opt two or email us:

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