Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

Digital Signage for Corporate Communications can serve as a gateway to improving the way you communicate!

When deployed and used daily, digital signage for corporate communications can serve as a vital method of both internal communications and external communications with employees, customers and vendors. The power of corporate communications digital signage lies in its flexibility of messaging capabilities. By placing signage in high traffic areas such as your lobby or buildings entrance, then catering the messages of each digital sign around your viewing audience, you will be able to use digital signage for corporate communications to effectively:

  • Share crucial corporate notifications and updates
  • Remotely edit and update the content of each sign
  • Pre-schedule information to automatically update on specific dates and times
  • Welcome new employees, guests, customers and vendors
  • Incorporate social media feeds and streams
  • List scheduled events and daily meetings
  • Broadcast videos, media slides, local news feeds, weather and more

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Strategically broadcast your company’s most important information

When creating your corporate communications digital signage strategy, it is vital that you sit down and outline what you’re specifically looking to accomplish. You can then take the top five items and work them into digital signage for corporate communications template. By identifying your digital signage for corporate communication goals first, you will ensure to accomplish your goals! Popular corporate communications digital signage zones and items include:

  • Multimedia Slide Shows: add PowerPoint slides, images, videos, YouTube and PDFs
  • An employee of the Month: add an image, name and description of accomplishments
  • Weather: add current weather or full slide of weekly forecast
  • Corporate Events: daily, weekly, or monthly list of upcoming events
  • Announcements: weekly notifications and company news
  • Mission: add corporate values and about us
  • Live News: scrolling feeds of nationwide news or business headlines RSS feeds
Digital Signage for Employee Communications

Digital Signage for Employee Communications can help boost productivity and enhance employee engagement

Better communicate with your employees and staff!

Aside from corporate notifications and communication, you can use digital signage for employee communications. Because internal company communications are continually changing digital signage for internal communications is excellent for unifying communications. Internal communications digital signage is a great way to reach your internal employees with necessary information and updates consistently. By installing digital signage for employee communications in your breakrooms, workstations, cafeteria and other locations that your employee gathers, you will be able to reach your staff with daily on-demand employee communications consistently:

  • Grant multiple departments access to the sign so they can update information daily
  • Connect employee badges with RFID readers to trigger custom digital signage messages
  • Easily communicate with entire departments or your entire company
  • Create an open platform for communications that is casual and encourages information flow
  • Help improve communications stream between upper management and employees

A Comprehensive Resource Display – Digital Employee Bulletin Board

Digital Signage for employee communications is an excellent tool for creating an all-in-one hub for centralized communications.  Because bulletins boards take time to update and can get easily crowded digital signage for employee communications can be used to grab attention in a smart manner that is HD, modern and engaging!

When deployed employee communications digital signage, it can be used to stimulate action, improve teamwork and aid in company awareness.  The employee communication digital signage messages that you post will update within minutes of the signs. Because of the convenience of digital signage for employee communications, it can be used to display:

  • Workplace dashboards: inspirational quotes, HR notifications, company metrics and goals
  • Training and procedure: provide training videos, new policy listings and product news
  • Performance data: share productivity numbers, goals and days without accidents
  • Google Slides and charts: factory floor production numbers, milestones and metrics
  • Safety Information: evacuation maps, information slide shows and safety procedure videos
Digital Signage for Internal Communications

Digital Signage for Internal Communications will help you unify your internal communications strategy

Strengthen Your Internal Communications Platform

Digital signage for internal communications serves as an irreplaceable podium for you to digitally communicate and engage with your staff all while helping you better grow your business faster. When using internal communication digital signage, you can show daily targets and responsibilities, department initiatives and company information is pulling from Google Slides and company RSS feeds.

When using digital signage for internal communications, you can dynamically list and share:

  • Internal metrics: sales charts, reports and graphs
  • Staff recognition: Employee birthdays and work anniversaries
  • Daily Notifications: company news, bulletins, calendar schedules
  • Management Messages: share memos from CEO, President, Upper Management
  • About Us: Company history, timelines and story

How Can NoviSign Help Me?

NoviSign currently powers over 20,000 digital signs across five continents. This means everyday users all around the world are using NoviSign’s cloud-based digital signage software to edit and update their digital signs. From any computer, at any time you can easily and quickly manage digital signage.

Using NoviSign, you can:

  • Centrally control one or thousands of screens
  • Remotely update all signs
  • Pre-schedule content and message
  • Incorporate HD images, videos and tickers
  • Add YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds
  • Showcase weather and clocks
  • Display local news, traffic and websites
  • Add any combination of zones and screen layouts
  • Create multi-users and set control levels
  • View reports and remotely monitor all displays


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