Ultimate Application Guide To Hotel Digital Signage

Digital Signage for Hotels is an easy and efficient way to communicate and engage with your guests consistently. You can add hotel digital signage in your entrance area, events areas, gift shops, on-premise restaurant digital menu boards and other areas that your guests congregate. When deployed digital signage for hotels, you can use it to:

  • Highlight on-premise amenities and services
  • List event schedules and conference times
  • Add local area maps and nearby restaurants
  • Display guest reviews and ratings
  • Upsell loyalty programs and offers
  • Ensure brand consistency and awareness
  • Promote loyalty and rewards programs
  • Control your in-room TVs ads
  • Stream Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds

Create Incredible Guest Experiences

Digital Signage for Hotels gives you complete control. From creating a contemporary look-and-feel, to having the power to tailor you, is hotel digital signage guest messaging around the exact needs of your audience. Hotel digital signage is your gateway to improving experiences.

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Digital Signage for hotels can be used to:

  • Display customized welcome messages
  • Feature live news, weather and sports feeds
  • Share customer service FAQ
  • Provide wayfinding directions and maps
  • Incorporate Yelp and other websites
  • Broadcast special announcements and news
  • Display local transportation options and shuttle times

Seamless Events and Conferences

Mount small 10” tablets and displays outside of conference and event rooms to easily and quickly share meeting times and another venue related information. By adding this form of hotel digital signage, you are making it easier for your guests to access and see relevant information that they need and are looking for.

When using event boards in digital signage for hotels, you will streamline the way you manage and update schedules. This eliminates the need of printed signage while dramatically improving efficiency.

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Using Hotel Digital Signage to:

  • Make on-the-fly last minute schedule changes
  • Wirelessly and remotely update all of your screens
  • Pre-schedule specific screen and content to play

Touch Screen Hotel Concierge

Another great way to use digital signage for hotels is interactive hotel concierge displays or kiosks. This type of digital signage is also called “Hotel Concierge Boards.” By adding an engaging hotel, touch screen concierge, you are making it easier to connect with your guests.

Use a touch screen hotel concierge to display any combination of onscreen buttons displaying:

  • Area maps with searchable settings for restaurants, attractions and shopping centers
  • Interactive media gallery of HD videos and images
  • Airport flight times, information and shuttle notifications
  • Touch screen restaurants menus, specials and promotions

Hotel Lobby Digital Signage Kiosks

By adding freestanding digital signage for hotels kiosk to your lobby, you will be able to effectively and consistently grab your guests attention. On the hotel’s digital signage kiosk, you can add engaging and fun videos, property information, special guest or group welcome message, scrolling text tickers, wayfinding directions and more!

This application of digital signage for hotels is a unique approach to implementing digital signage for hotels while offering your guests a modern and visually appealing way of sharing communications!


Effective Digital Signage for Hotels

NoviSign’s cloud based hotel digital signage software is the new and reliable solution for hospitality digital signage. With over 20,000 screens deployed, NoviSign’s all-in-one platform helps organizations across the world improve the way they visually communicate.

NoviSign is being used across the country and world for hotel digital signage because:

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