The main goal of Software companies, including Digital Signage Software is it ‘make life easier’ by simplifying processes and automating procedures that where once ‘man made’ and now performed easily, just a click away… The mail replaced most of our other communication methods, the Digital spread sheet replaced the manual tables, and obviously, various Digital Signage Software replaced the need to physically connect a ‘disk-on-key’ (Or worse, a DVD player) to a screen, in order to change a running campaign.

So how come we can still see these paper signs in shops, malls, public billboards, educational institutions (Schools, Colleges, and Universities) and mainly in the Small and Medium Businesses? How come all these were not replaced by modern digital Signage? Are these SMBs and other Venues managers/Owners stupid? Well, usually when you think someone else is stupid, you are amazed fast enough how logical and reasonable his decision was, once you put yourself in his shoes. I’ll try to explain:

  • They are not stupid, they are simply used to do is this way… they are doing it for so long, they know all the vendors, they know the prices, why would they bother?
  • These business/venues managers might be a bit ‘scared’ from new technology. The paper sign ALWAYS does what is expected from it, never fails, no need for restart/maintenance/upgrade and all those complicated hi-tech words…So the paper signs are not dynamic and real time, but not everything should be real time in this world, isn’t it so?
  • Most important – The digital Signage Software and implementation cost had reduced dramatically over the past years. BUT still, it is not that cheap… the screen prices dropped, but decent PC to be used as player is still quite costly, not to mention proprietary Player by one of the several leading manufacturers. If the SMB runs several branches/locations the cost can be quite significant, maybe they should ‘live without’ digital Signage a while longer?

So the answer for all the concerns SMBs still have about Digital Signage Software and implementation, can be answered simply – Go for Android Based digital Signage!

the newly introduced Android based devices, are cheap and reliable, the software is free, and the maintenance and usage can fit even the most technology challenged modern person. if you know how to operate Gmail, you’ll know how to implement you Digital Signage on Android based Players.

The Android Based Signage software is here to stay, several Digital Software signage vendors have chosen it is a one of their main platforms. It reduces the cost of set up, implementation and maintenance, not using it will be similar to go back using paper to run your books, and mailman to communicate with each other, would you imagine that?

Android based Digital Signage, it is no longer for ‘early adopters’, the mass majority, is here!