The Android onslaught is clear and obvious. Apart from smart phones, more and more hardware providers are using Android OS as the platform for their devices, tablets, mini tablets TV streamers and other entertainment and business solutions. The digital Signage industry has recently discovered the advantages of Android-based devices; and fast responding Digital Signage Software providers have added Android-based devices to the list of of supported operating systems, and, moreover, have based Digital Signage Player software on these kind of devices. This trend is simply another phase the Digital Signage industry is going through, by simplifying solutions, software and implementation and opening the Digital Signage market towards small and medium businesses, which couldn’t afford it in the past.

Android based Digital Signage has opened the door to another phenomenon, which we can predict as the next phase for this business – Mini Digital Signage. A business that used to be all about size – the Bigger the Better – is now reaching out for new areas in which small size screens are quite efficient. Combining the Android-based mini tablets and modern SaaS Digital Signage solutions, using these devices as players AND screens creates a powerful tool for a broad spectrum of new business types:

  • Retail (supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.) – The days of manual update of prices, sales, special offers and so on are over, in just few clicks, the central office will be able to update the displays on the shelves in any number of locations, with no geographical boundaries
  • Restaurants, bars, malls, food courts – from the rest rooms (that is a great example for a captive audience), to the tables and other areas in the public space, owners and management can display and promote the business
  • Public transportation – low-cost screen and player, combined in one connected Android device, are the perfect solution for reaching out to passengers on the train/bus
  • Educational tool for visitors – from stores (how to use a product, located near the sale point), through schools (special areas with changing contents) up to tourist attractions and museums (details about the painting/sculpture/art work, displayed on a small screen)
  • Any other location/business that requires dynamic communication with the public/customer in a specific location

Paper days are over. Android based Mini Digital Signage uses the ‘connected world’ and LTE advantages to provide a new platform of customer communication, affordable for any type and size of business and public institution.

It’s small – don’t let it be missed!