I truly believe that Android-based Digital Signage is not a novelty any more. I’m sure that, by now, every player in this industry understands that Android devices and, specifically, the MK series changed the Digital Signage market when they first appeared two years ago and were adopted immediately by young and innovative Digital Signage SaaS providers such as NoviSign as the main platform for Digital Signage players. So, if this is not surprising, then what is the big deal?

It isn’t a secret that although we all agree that the MK series contributed a lot to the Digital Signage industry, making it faster-growing and sexier than ever, it suffered from “infant maladies.” Digital Signage SaaS providers, such as NoviSign, had to struggle with a number of problems  to ensure their customers would be able to use their products and implement robust, stable, and cost-effective Android Digital Signage networks. The performance of the first devices was not the expected state-of-the-art, especially for high CPU consuming widgets, such as video and RSS. The usability was good but not perfect, and the support for the latest Android versions lagged somewhat behind market needs, and so on…

These difficulties caused the first generation of Android believers to struggle and sometimes even fail in Android Digital Signage implementation, but we never stopped believing in the bright future of Android and the capabilities it brings to the market.

It would be safe to say now that most of the ‘infant maladies’ are behind us with the dramatic appearance of the new kid on the block – Quad Core and 2G RAM new device – http://dx.com/p/mk908-quad-core-android-4-1-mini-pc-google-tv-player-w-2gb-ram-8gb-rom-bluetooth-black-208694


It is time to say, the companies that gambled on Android for their Digital Signage solution, and MK series as the main Digital Signage Player, can now finally relax: the new MK is bringing the color back to our cheeks!