Best signage software 2024

In today’s modern age, the landscape of digital signage software in 2024 has evolved remarkably, driven by technological advancements and changing consumer expectations. The best 2024 digital signage software now seamlessly blends cutting-edge features like AI-driven content creation, real-time data analytics, and interactive user interfaces.

These platforms offer unparalleled customization and scalability, catering to various retail and corporate sectors. Cloud-based architectures ensure ease of content management and distribution while maintaining rigorous security standards.

How to Select the Best Digital Signage Software in 2024

We’ve outlined the seven most critical aspects when searching for and selecting your digital signage software in 2024.

Let’s jump in:

1. Define Your Objectives

Before diving into 2024 digital signage software options, clearly define what you want to achieve with your digital signage. Objectives can range from enhancing customer engagement to displaying interactive content or simplifying internal communications. Your goals will significantly influence the type of Digital Signage Software you need in 2024.

2. Content Management Features

The heart of digital signage software lies in its content management system (CMS). You can look for a user-friendly digital signage software interface to upload, schedule, and manage content efficiently. The best Cloud-Based Digital Signage Software in 2024 should offer flexibility in content types- images, videos, or interactive elements.

NoviSign’s Digital Signage Software is a cloud-based solution to create and manage digital signage content:

  • Content Creation: Users can design and create content using templates or from scratch. This content can include images, videos, slideshows, social media feeds, news tickers, and more.
  • Scheduling and Management: Users can schedule when and where the content will be displayed once the content is created. Using playlists, users can schedule content to play on specific times and dates on particular screens.
  • Content Distribution: The created content is uploaded to the cloud and then distributed to the various digital signage screens connected to the network.
  • Remote Management: As it is cloud-based, NoviSign allows users to manage and update content remotely from any device with internet access.
  • Real-time Updates: Users can make real-time updates to the content, which is handy for menu boards or event information.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Includes tools for monitoring the status of digital signs and analyzing engagement data to see how viewers interact with the content.

2024 Digital Signage Software Widgets and Apps

Included with any digital signage software CMS in 2024 would be “widgets” and “apps.” With digital signage widgets and apps, businesses, and organizations can create more engaging, informative, and interactive digital signage experiences for their audience.

These tools or components enhance the content displayed on digital signs. They add functionality and interactivity to digital signage, making the content more engaging and relevant.

Here’s a breakdown of their roles:


  • Types and Functions: Widgets are small applications or program modules that can be embedded into digital signage content. They perform specific functions like displaying weather updates, news feeds, social media streams, time and date, traffic updates, and more.
  • Customization and Integration: Widgets can often be customized to match the branding and design of the digital signage content. They can also integrate real-time data from various sources to keep the content fresh and relevant.

Apps and Integrations

  • Purpose and Usage: Apps in 2024 digital signage software are similar to mobile apps but are designed for digital signs. They can range from simple content playback apps to more complex ones that manage and deliver interactive content.
  • Advanced Features: These apps might include features for IoT, touchscreen kiosks, or audience detection and analytics.
  • API Integration Capabilities: the best digital signage software in 2024 can integrate with third-party systems and databases, pulling in content or data to be displayed. This can include integration with inventory systems, CRM databases, or social media platforms.

Combined Use

  • Enhanced Engagement: Using these tools, digital signage can be transformed from static displays to dynamic, interactive, and constantly updated communication channels.
  • Versatility: They make digital signage suitable for various applications – from retail advertising and corporate communication to public information displays and educational content.

3. Hardware Compatibility

Please make sure the 2024 digital signage software will run on your existing hardware or the hardware you plan to purchase. This includes digital screens, media players, and network infrastructure. Software that supports a wide range of hardware offers more flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

NoviSign Digital Signage Software is known for its compatibility with various hardware platforms and supports the industry’s best variety of digital signage players, making it quite versatile. Some of the critical hardware platforms it is compatible with include:

  • Android: install the NoviSign app from the Google PlayStore directly on your device. It’s free to download!
  • Chrome OS: supports Chrome OS devices, known for their stability and security, making them suitable for public displays and kiosks.
  • Windows: compatible with Windows-based PCs and media players, providing robust performance and flexibility for complex displays.
  • Fire TVs and FireSticks: install NoviSign directly on your Fire device by simply downloading the NoviSign app from the Amazon store.
  • LG webOS: install NoviSign directly onto commercial grade LG webOS 4. x and above
  • Samsung Tizen: install directly onto Samsung with Tizen operating system version 4, 5, 6, 6.5 and 7, SSSP 4 till 7 (Tizen 8 is not supported yet).
  • Interactive Displays and Kiosks: It can be used in interactive kiosks and displays, especially those running on Android or Windows.

These diverse compatibility options allow users to choose hardware based on their needs and budget. While NoviSign works with a broad range of devices, the exact features and performance may vary slightly depending on the hardware’s capabilities.

4. Scalability and Reliability

Your digital signage needs may grow or evolve. Choose a Digital Signage Software in 2024 that can accommodate more screens or locations without a drop in performance.

NoviSign Digital Signage Software is known for its scalability and reliability, which are critical factors for any digital signage solution in 2024. Here’s a closer look at these aspects:

  • Multiple Locations and Screens: NoviSign can manage many screens across various locations. This makes it suitable for businesses planning to expand their digital signage network.
  • Flexible Content Management: The cloud-based nature of the platform allows for easy content updates and management across multiple displays, regardless of their physical location.
  • Suitable for Various Business Sizes: Perfect for any business size, from small local stores to large corporations with multiple branches.
  • Stable Performance: NoviSign is designed to provide regular and consistent performance, which is crucial for businesses relying on digital signage for advertising, information dissemination, or customer engagement.
  • Cloud-Based Infrastructure: Its cloud-based setup ensures high uptime, with content readily available and updates being pushed smoothly.
  • Regular Updates and Support: The platform typically receives regular updates for performance improvements, new features, and support to address any issues.

NoviSign’s cloud-based architecture, ease of content management, and compatibility with various hardware platforms contribute to its scalability and reliability, making it a suitable choice for businesses of different sizes and sectors.

5. Security Features

With increasing cyber threats, the security of your 2024 digital signage software is paramount. Choose Digital Signage Software with robust security features, including data encryption, secure user authentication, and regular security updates.

NoviSign Digital Signage Software’s SOC 2 certification is a testament to its commitment to high standards of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. This certification signifies that NoviSign’s Software has undergone a thorough evaluation and meets the strict criteria for managing customer data.

SOC 2 (Service Organization Control 2) is a rigorous, industry-recognized auditing standard developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) that ensures service providers securely manage data to protect the interests of their organization and the privacy of their clients.

This assures clients that NoviSign adheres to the best data security and privacy practices, reinforcing its reliability as a digital signage solution. This certification is crucial for businesses prioritizing data security and compliance, as it demonstrates NoviSign’s dedication to maintaining a secure and trustworthy digital signage platform.

6. Cost Considerations

Budget is always a crucial factor. Evaluate the total cost of ownership, including the software license, hardware, installation, maintenance, and any additional features or services. Be wary of hidden expenses and opt for transparent pricing models.

The cost of Digital Signage Software in 2024 can vary based on several factors, including the number of screens, the features required, and the subscription length.

Here’s a general idea of how NoviSign’s digital signage software pricing works:

  • Subscription Model: NoviSign operates on a subscription model, charging a monthly or yearly fee per screen or display.
  • Plan Options: Business, Business+, Premium, and Enterprise. The Business package covers standard use, while more advanced packages could include additional features like additional users, integration options, SSO, etc.
  • Volume Discounts: 25% OFF for Schools, government, and Non-Profit.
  • 30-day Free Trials: Potential customers can test the Software before committing to a subscription.
  • Custom Solutions: For highly customized solutions or integrations, the pricing could be higher and would likely be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

7. User Support and Training

Good customer support can make a significant difference, especially when deploying a new system. Opt for 2024 Digital Signage software providers that offer comprehensive training and reliable customer support. This ensures that any issues are promptly resolved, minimizing downtime.

NoviSign Digital Signage Software provides comprehensive support and training to ensure users can effectively utilize their platform.

Here are the critical aspects of their support and training offerings:

  • Customer Support: NoviSign offers customer support through various channels, including email, phone, and live web demos. Their support team assists with technical issues, troubleshooting, and general inquiries about the Software.
  • Online Resources: They likely have a range of online resources available, such as FAQs, knowledge bases, and user guides. These resources can help users understand the basics of the Software and troubleshoot common issues.
  • Training Webinars and Tutorials: NoviSign may offer training webinars or video tutorials to help new users learn how to use their Software effectively. These training sessions can cover everything from basic setup and content creation to advanced features and analytics.
  • Personalized Training Sessions: For larger clients or more complex setups, NoviSign may offer customized training sessions, either virtually or in-person, to ensure that the staff is fully equipped to use the Software to its full potential.
  • Regular Updates and Communications: Clients are informed about software updates, new features, and best practices through regular communications like newsletters or updates within the software platform.

Overall, NoviSign’s support and training services are geared towards helping users of all levels – from beginners to advanced users – to deploy and manage their digital signage content and infrastructure effectively.


Picking the best digital sign software in 2024 is not just about the latest features but finding the right fit for your needs. Considering these factors, you can choose a solution that enhances your communication strategy, engages your audience, and offers flexibility and scalability for future growth.

Remember, the best choice aligns with your objectives, integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, and offers reliable, user-friendly operation.