Digital signage for factories

Digital signage for factories is one of today’s best and most efficient ways to easily and quickly share your daily manufacturing communications and KPI’s. From factory floor digital signage displays spread across work areas to employee break rooms, you can use digital signage for factories to effectively reach your employees at a moments notice while driving engagement.

Use factory digital signage to:

  • Distribute important production notifications, bulletins and internal communications
  • Share shift schedules, metrics and production line numbers
  • Emphasis important new quality control processes
  • Spotlight day’s without accidents and critical new safety procedures
  • Production line daily tasks and the overall status of production lines
  • Preschedule daily notifications in advance so they automatically update

Unify Company Communications

By connecting your sales, warehouse and manufacturing communications, you are improving collaboration. Using digital signage for factories, you will be able to broadcast your organization’s most important updates while still being able to share area specific notifications that are relevant to a certain department. With digital signage for manufacturing you can display any combination of zones:

  • Engaging media slideshows that contain PowerPoint slides, videos, image and PDFs
  • Incorporate scrolling RSS news, company social media feeds and weather forecasts
  • Daily shift metrics and data-centric charts that drive awareness
  • Feature new product videos and specification sheets
  • Company event and meeting schedules
  • Quarterly messages for the President and CEO
  • New employment opportunities

Improve Employee Morale

Over the years people have been trained to looks at screens. By strategically installing digital signage for factories in high traffic work areas you will be able to reach your employees with on-demand information easily.

Digital signage for factories can serve as an extension of your HR and general management. By getting your messages in front of your employees using digital signage for factories, you will be able to keep employee better informed while improving morale. Popular ways digital signage for factories can be used for cultivating a better working environment includes:

  • Spotlight the employee of the month
  • Highlight birthdays and work anniversaries
  • Recognize top performing production lines
  • Display HR notifications such as new insurance and benefits programs

Display and Track Goals

Use factory digital signage to outline daily, weekly and monthly goals clearly. By displaying goals that can be visibly seen and tracked you will help drive and motivate employees. Use digital signage for factories to display:

  • Real-time KPI dashboards such as Microsoft PowerBi
  • Track inventory levels, inbound and outbound shipments
  • Add spreadsheets, charts and custom scrolling text tickers
  • Incorporate PowerPoint slides that emphasis set goals

A Comprehensive Communications Plan

The beauty with digital signage for factories is that is can be used in virtually setting. From adding a screen to your lobby to welcome new customers to installing screens outside of your factories conference room displaying corporate communications you can use factory digital signage to streamline the way your company broadcasts information.

All that you need to get started are TVs, a media player and cloud-based digital signage software.

About NoviSign Digital Signage

NoviSign offers a straight-forward, digital signage software that is web-based and easy-to-use. From any computer, at any time you can create, edit and manage your factories digital signage.

Designed for the novice user, NoviSign’s digital signage for factories comes with over 20+ drag-and-drop widgets that make it easy to create your content quickly. Simply create your content from scratch or customize one of the templates.

  • Slideshows, RSS feeds, videos
  • Custom scrolling tickers and weather
  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram feeds
  • Incorporate Google Slides, spreadsheets and website
  • Advanced playlist scheduling and remote monitoring
  • Runs on any digital signage player device
  • Cloud-based, no servers to maintain, and no setup fees
  • Pricing starts at only $20 per month per screen
  • Free 30-day trial available

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