I’m not sure if you all remember how the world looked like not so long ago (“It is easy to get used to good things,” my grandma would say). Remember when it took a few weeks to get a shipment? Remember when any type of electronic device cost $1000 and more? For those of you accustomed to operate in the Digital Signage world, do you actually remember the cost of Digital Signage players? Moreover, do you remember you had to call a specialist/technician to install it for implementation?

This is changing rapidly; in fact it has changed already. Digital Signage project costs are dropping. Not only the basic ingredients like network connectivity (Wi-Fi is almost free and it is everywhere), the cost of screens (remember the cost of flat screens five-six years ago?) but the Digital Signage software and equally important the Digital Signage Android players coming from the factories of China!

Digital Signage software went straight to the cloud. SaaS-based digital software, with easy-to-use and configure capabilities, replaced the “heavy” and complicated video editor-based software. Anyone will be able to broadcast a Digital Signage campaign and several innovative companies provide high-end software at a cost an SMB could only dream of few years back.

But the real drama took place within the huge manufacturers in China. These fast responding manufacturers of Android-based equipment realized the enormous potential Android TV devices have in the Digital Signage industry. Instead of spending hundreds (at best) or thousands (more often) on Digital Signage hardware, the huge and the smallest players in the industry realized they can simply use Android TV players as Digital Signage players, thus spending $20-50—and yes, the hardware is manufactured in China.  These devices are high quality products, reaching easily to any destination in a matter of days, using DealeXtreme, Alibaba, and other sites as marketing channels.

All these changes are encouraging more and more small and medium businesses to implement Digital Signage. If you’ll get your Android Signage player to your store in six days from China and use SaaS-based software to control and monitor your campaigns and it cost less than a subscription to the local newspaper, wouldn’t you simply do it yourself?

It is a small world after all: let’s learn how to use it!