All of you, blog readers, and, especially, technology-smart blog readers are probably always connected. With a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you are constantly on line. You’ll probably find it hard to believe it is not the same for everyone! And no no, I’m not talking about African tribes, living like their ancestors, thousands of years ago. I’m talking about people who work in factories, on manufacturing floors, in labs, in parts of hospitals and even in secured environments/organizations, and those who work as drivers (bus, or train). These people are living in the 21st century, but during working hours they are not connected, and more than that, they cannot be easily reached by their management. Digital Signage can assist these organizations in solving this problem in the most cost-effective way.

The commercial and retail world is now evolving to Digital Signage. Small and medium businesses are implementing Digital Signage solutions, utilizing the drop in price of the Digital Signage ‘ingredients.’ Together with Digital Signage SaaS and Android-based Digital Signage players, the package is now affordable to businesses of almost any size, and what used to suit huge and wealthy organizations a decade ago is now common practice for all. The implementation of Digital Signage in these businesses is clear and obvious, and it serves mostly one purpose – to get customers to spend more money while on premises! This can be done by improving the experience, providing important and interesting information, and promoting products, sales and offerings.

Let’s go back to our ‘disconnected people’ … The management of these organizations can easily solve the communication challenge, by using Digital Signage in common areas in the factory/plant/lab/bus parking lot /etc., and displaying messages to employees. This is a whole new purpose for Digital Signage with no commercial agenda whatsoever: simply connecting the unconnected.

These surprising usages for Digital Signage will keep on popping up as this technology continues to spread. Innovative and creative people will always surprise us with new ideas.