Hotel digital signage

Digital signage for hotels can be used to improve the way you share marketing announcements while making it easier for your guests to access on-demand information, view event listings, learn about your hotel’s amenities and more.

If used correctly hotel digital signage can be a natural extension of your customer service and marketing departments due to its flexibility and overall effectiveness.

Because there are many components to digital signage for hotels we’ve outlined the key items needed to setup digital signage for your hotel:

  • Application Examples: how can you use digital signage for hotels?
  • Media players: Chrome OS, Android or Windows
  • Software: cloud-based digital signage software for hotels
  • Content Design: how to create content
  • Management: creating playlists and schedules

Examples of Digital Signage for Hotels


Hotel digital signage can be used to provide guests with information and guidance. Using digital signage for hotels, you can display any mixture of notifications:

  • Hotel services and hours
  • Room Check-In/Out Times
  • Event times and schedules
  • Exclusive hotel promotions
  • Local weather and news feeds
  • Weather forecasts

Property Directions

Digital signage for hotels can be used to provide your guests with directions and information about your hotel. Add wayfinding lobby displays or a kiosk in your lobby, outside of conference areas and other locations of your hotel. You can add hotel maps, directory listings and directional arrows to help improve the way your guests navigate around your hotel.

Informational Boards

Event and informational boards can be installed in and around your hotels check-in area. On these hotel digital signage screens, you can display helpful notifications that are geared to around guest needs.

  • Lists of area attractions, shopping areas or restaurant
  • Your hotels Instagram, Twitter or Facebook social media stream
  • Conference schedules, meetings times
  • Custom welcome messaging for events
  • Flight and shuttle times

Conference Room and Event Boards

Readerboards for hotel digital signage is one of the most popular applications for hotel digital signage. A reader-board or event-board are small 10″ – 15″ displays or tablets that can be installed outside of conference rooms. We can even integrate with your event management software. It can be set so that when you internal EMS updates so will the listing on the event boards. This eliminates the need to update two systems manually and improves overall efficiency.

  • Display the current event name
  • List of scheduled room meetings
  • Name and time of next scheduled event
  • Can integrate with Office 365 and more

Digital Signage Media Players for Hotels

Windows signage player Android signage player Chrome sign





NoviSign’s digital signage for hotels can run on any Windows, Chrome OS or Android Media Player. Our app is available for free installation onto any of the devices.


  • Benefit: cheap device, WiFi and is a decent play for basic signage
  • Downside: sometimes the media playback can be sluggish
  • Price: $80.00


  • Benefit: suave media playback, WiFi, dependable device and variety of hardware specs
  • Downside: more costly the a Chromebit but overall better quality
  • Price: $219.00


  • Benefit: reliable, rich media playback, 4K, WiFi, aluminum chassis
  • Downside: cannot be managed with Chrome’s managing licensing
  • Price: $119

Windows media players:

  • Benefit: use an existing PC
  • Downside: can be expensive if you have to buy new windows players
  • Price: 250+

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Digital Signage Software for Hotels

At NoviSign, we have the industries easiest to use hotel digital signage software that:

  • Straightforward and requires little IT background or software expertise to use
  • No expensive hardware costs and no required “maintenance”
  • Cloud-based and all content caches onto the media player
  • Full web-based design Studio, advance scheduling and remote monitoring
  • Drag-and-drop widgets: media slideshows, images, news, weather and more
  • Free US-Based support, email help ticketing, training videos and documentation

Using NoviSign digital signage for hotels, any user can easily design and manage your hotel’s digital signage. The software comes with a full library of customizable templates:

  • Hotel lobby templates
  • Weather forecasts
  • Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  • Internal communications
  • Event & informational
  • Staff communications

If you need design and setup, we do offer custom hotel digital signage content creation services. Your hotel’s branding, colors and other requirements will be included with the layout and graphics.

If you’re looking for custom content design and setup services, we also offer affordable packages that include the template design and creation. Your school branding, colors, logo and all other requirements would be incorporated.


Drag-and-Drop Widgets


 Digital signage widgets

Also included with NoviSign hotel digital signage software is drag and drop widgets. These are easy-to-use and do not require complicated integrations.

Select the widget of choice and drop it on to the canvas. You can add any combination of widgets to your layout.

Popular digital signage for hotels widgets that NoviSign’s software comes with include:

  • Media Slideshows: videos, images, YouTube, PowerPoint Slides and Word can be added and set slide duration
  • Scrolling Tickers: add custom text and set the scroll speed
  • Google Slideshows: use the web widget to add your Google Slides
  • Weather: add current weather or do a full-screen weather forecast
  • Social Media: add Twitter, Instagram or Facebook live streams


Media Types

With NoviSign’s digital signage for hotels, you can upload all of the standard file types. All of the files are saved to the cloud and be accessed at any time!

Create Schedules and Playlists


Digital signage scheduling

With NoviSign, you can create dynamic playlists of content and schedule your hotels content to play at precise times, set expiration dates and more!

With one click of the mouse, you can send playlists to one screen at a time or multiple screens.

  • The content caches locally on the player and plays if internet drops
  • Easily make playlists with the drag-and-drop playlist builder
  • Preview your playlists before sending them to screens

Monitoring Dashboard

Also included with NoviSign’s digital signage for hotels is a reports and monitoring dashboard. This allows you remotely view the online status of your screens, what each screen is playing and more! This management dashboard makes it easy to monitor your hotels network of digital signs!

  • View what playlists is playing on each screen
  • See when the content was updated last
  • If the media player is online
  • Run proof-of-play reports

Full User Control

With NoviSign’s hotel digital signage software, you can also share the zones of templates with other users. You can grant what access the user will have to each zone. In addition we offer a management console that allows you to create users, set user access levels, and even run audits. This makes managing multiple hotel digital signage screen easy and efficient!


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