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Central Real Estate Agency in Tel Aviv Install Digital Signage to Enhance Their New House Listings Advertising Strategy

Discover how a local favorite real estate company in Kfar Saba, Israel deployed digital signage to improve the way new real estate listings were displayed

Real estate digital signage

The Challenge

For the past 11 years, Central Real Estate Group used to put manual/physical printed signs on the front window to show the available real estates for buy/rent. They would manually write on the printed signs if an apartment or house was sold and would create and print updated signs as new listings were available. The printed signs we’re difficult to maintain and took excess time to replace.

The Solution

Due to their location and high passing by traffic, the real estate firm realized that by switching their printed signage to digital they could maximize visibility while enhancing their ability to advertise new homes and real estate for sale.

By upgrading to real estate digital signage they would be able to display richer, more dynamic content that included combinations of eye-catching videos, slideshows, and scrolling tickers with listings information.

The Result

From the day we added the display, and since we are a well known and community established local business, people come in all the time and greet us for this highly visible change.

Given our prime location, sellers and renters are really pleased by the fact their real estate will be visible in the busiest street in Kfar-Saba, which will clearly increase their chances to get traction. Central Real Estate Group is using the window screen as an additional platform for marketing and as a result have experienced a 22% lift in new leads.

The Testimonial

“Myself and the team are not technology-oriented people, but NoviSign’s real estate digital signage solution was so easy, cost effective, and painless.” said Gideom, owner of Central Real Estate Group. “The window screen brings a clear and tangible ROI. It has increased our visibility; this is another important digital tool which we now easily master. The marketing and sales at the doorstep of the business continues 24/7 even when the office is closed, but the street is still busy!”

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