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This page will show you how to use the Twitter social widget and broadcast Twitter live feeds to your big screen.

Using Twitter:
When you drag the Twitter widget, you are required to log in to your Twitter account and you need to choose the layout. You have 2 layouts which you can choose from: scrolling and free layout. Scrolling is a fixed layout in which you have a ticker that scrolls with the live Twitter feeds (and some of the properties are exactly like the ticker widget properties). The free layout allows you to arrange the elements of the Twitter (the photo, the user picture, the user name, the message and the date) on the screen.

Digital signage Twitter scroller
In order to use the free layout, double click the widget on the canvas and a panel will appear on top. You’ll be able to drag elements from the panel to the widget area in the canvas and also alter their properties.

Digital signage Twitter formatting
You have a dropdown list called “Tweets” in which you can select “By me” (for showing tweets twitted only by my user), “By #hashtag” (showing tweets which have the hashtag you type), “Mentioning user” (showing tweets which a specific user was mentioned at) and “Advanced”. If you choose the advanced tweet option, a “Query” text box will appear. In the query you should type your query. How to make a valid query? To the right of this text box there is an icon that looks like a question mark. If you click it, it will open the Twitter operator reference that will explain you how to create special queries for Twitter.

Digital signage Twitter operator reference
Other properties are:
Refresh – How many minutes till the app will go to Twitter and look for newer tweets.
Duration – How many seconds each tweet (in case of free layout) will appear on the screen.
Filter – How many tweets would you like to be taken from the most recent tweets to the widget.
Last – How old will be the tweets which you like to present (i.e. if you choose 10, it will be from the last 10 days).

Digital signage Twitter URLs
In the scroller layout and in case you click a message element inside the widget when you’re in free layout, you’ll see a bunch of other formatting properties in the right properties pane. They are:

URL Text – How to handle URLs which appear in a tweet: “Unchanged” (won’t change the URL), “Replace” (will replace the URL with a permanent text), “Domain” (will show only the domain part of the URL, i.e. the part till the slash character) and “Last Part” (will show only the last part of the URL, i.e. the part after the slash character).
URL – Style of any text in the tweet which is a URL address.
Hashtag – Style of any text in the tweet which is a hashtag.
User – Style of any text in the tweet which is a Twitter username.

Here is a tutorial video, showing you step-by-step how to use the Twitter widget in a blended creative, combine it in a playlist, attach it to a player and broadcast it to the screen:

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