This tech post will explain you how can you create a simple queue (vs. our Queue widget, which can handle smart queues, using smartphones). Simple queue can have one teller or more and should be combined with a physical paper roll of numbers.

So, how do you do it?

  1. To create the queue, click this link:
  2. Give the queue a name and a secret key (a passcode that should not include the character #), then press the “Create” button.
  3. After the queue is created, the manage link will be this:
    That means, this is the URL which the teller should have on his/hers browser on his/hers PC, in order to manage the queue.
    (We also have a Hebrew URL, as well:
    Simple queue - teller screen
  4. In the manage page, type the teller’s name in the “Teller name” textbox and then under the title “Queue URL for the display”, copy the URL link to the clipboard. This is the URL to be used in the creative.
  5. In the Studio account of yours, build a blended creative. Within it, drag a webpage widget which will show the number in the line. To the URL property of the webpage widget, paste your clipboard (holding the URL which you’ve copied from the manage page) and in that URL, change the word “false” to “true”.
    It should look like this (with different screen key):
    The showTeller parameter will show or hide the teller’s name (true for showing, false for hiding).
    The showNumber parameter will show or hide the queue number.
    The voiceLanguage parameter will add sound (the number will be called; en for English numbers, he for Hebrew numbers). Not using this parameter, will result with no sound for reading the numbers.
    So, if the URL is, then it will show the queue number with English voice and with ding sound.
    Simple queue - Studio creative
  6. Now, add this blended creative as slide in a new or existing playlist, then assign it to the screen which is set in the venue and the magic is done.
  7. Please notice, that in the manage page, the teller should use the “+” and “-” buttons in order to increase or decrease the queue numbers. You also have 2 other buttons for resetting the queue to 1 or to any number you like. (The “+” and “-” buttons can be also triggered by pressing the “+” and “-” keyboard keys; while pressing the Shift + R keys in your keyboard will reset the line to 1)