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Case Study at Right Brain Education-Focused Child Education Center in Canada Vancouver

In the world of early childhood education, Shichida-style education is popular for its original programs born from brain science. Not only in Japan, 50,000 children in 17 countries around the world are now showing their talents.

Education center digital signage

About Shichida Kids Academy of Canada

Accept, Praise, Love and Nurture

In the Shichida Method, the most important thing is to find out every single child’s talent (which everyone has) and increase them as much as possible. By doing this, it is possible to increase their talent and skill infinitely. To achieve this, Shichida is always thinking about these things. Shichida method is being used in 16 countries and areas all over the world. Number of students are yearly increasing with around 50,000 which is one of the largest Japanese style childhood education community in the world.  Shichida Kids Academy of Canada is officially certified by Shichida Facility of Education and is being operated by Step Ahead Learning Inc.

The Challenge

To people like this, Shichida Kids Academy of Canada can promote special programs such as Summer school and special classes to gain special skills such as programming. However, it’s a parent’s nature to not like educational facilities that look like they are trying to gain tons of money through educational business. Also, many Asian parents (especially Japanese) didn’t prefer communication in a close distance as much as possible due to Covid-19 risks. There were the 2 big problems Shichida Kids Academy of Canada had.

In other words, they are always looking for an opportunity of their child to grow and several aspects.

The Solution

During class at Shichida Kids Academy of Canada, the child’s parents, guardians, grandparents, brothers and sisters may be waiting at the waiting area. All those children who are always ready to run around and explore, obviously cant just sit and wait for an hour. As you can imagine, they will start to actively play in the school. Since there were other people in school, parents couldn’t leave their children. They had to take their children outside the education center to release their energy outside. However, parents cannot rest during this time. To help parents, Shichida Kids Academy of Canada decided to install NoviSign Digital Signage Software.

The results

Shichida Kids Academy of Canada is posting brain training questionnaires daily, so they decided to deliver this through signage to create a safe and quiet way to have fun during someone else’s class. After their challenge, they had a big success. They barely heard any screaming, crying, and sounds of things breaking.

Education digital signage

The principle of Shichida Kids of Academy of Canada, Yoko Takahashi who is also a parent decided to introduce NoviSign digital signage software for schools to increase more non-verbal communication. As a result, they succeed in increasing engagement with their customers while providing them a lot of information including things hard to say face-to-face. I have the monitor in the lobby area.

We show information such as lesson schedules, showcasing events, introducing books and educational materials for children, providing information for child rearing, etc. We try our best to provide the most exciting and helpful information for children and their parents/guardians. Also, we show a reminder of the lesson fee payments and any kind of paperwork required by a certain time.

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“Many parents/guardians look at the signage which dramatically decreased the number of forgetting their payments, also with a tip because many people started to buy educational materials at our school. It hasn’t been long yet since introducing NoviSign, but many people are interested with the content we provide which always makes us happy and gives us the power to push our business farther and stronger”

高橋容子Shichida Kids Academy of Canada Principal ・Step Ahead Learning Inc. CEO – Shichida Kids Academy of Canada

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