Digital signage for accounting office

Digital Signage for accountants and CPA offices can be used to help your company better inform and reach your customers. By adding a screen to lobby or your window you can use digital signage for accountants to easily and quickly communicate with new and existing customers. All that you need is a TV, cloud-based digital signage software and a media player.  Using accountant office digital signage you can display:

  • A full list of your services
  • Personal financial planning programs
  • Business accounting and payroll services
  • Tax preparation offerings
  • Customer reviews and testimonials

Build Trust

Because digital signage for accounting offices allows you to display any combination of media you can incorporate educational videos and slides into the layout of the screen. From images to videos or perhaps a rotation of both, you can use digital signage to creatively display value-driven messaging that positioning your accounting firm as trusted experts. Use accounting office digital signage to share:

  • Cash flow management tips and best practices
  • Investment and business financial guides
  • Tax preparation procedures
  • Small business accounting advise

Client Presentations

With digital signage for accounting offices, you can use the screens as a way to give client facing presentations. Use accounting office digital signage to add slideshows that highlight specific services that clients specifically came into to learn about such as business accounting services.

From your computer, you can preschedule the specific presentations to play for specific clients, add custom welcome messages and more. This not only educates your clients but adds the ‘wow’ factor. With digital signage for accounting offices you can:

  • Incorporate a series of informative videos on financial best practices
  • Display new tax-related policy changes and updates
  • Share your companies story and history
  • Add custom text tickers of scrolling information

About NoviSign

NoviSign provides an easy to use digital signage software platform for accounting offices of any size. The software can be accessed from any computer. Using the included customizable templates and drag-and-drop widgets, you can create the perfect layout information and media that showcases your accounting offices services. Pricing starts and only $20 per screen and includes: