Digital signage for gyms and fitness centers

Digital Signage for Gyms and Fitness Centers

Digital Signage for gyms and fitness centers is a fun and engaging way to entertain your members all while being able to easily broadcast new information to potential new members. Digital signage for gyms are a visual communications tool that can be used to stand out and deliver information.

Gyms, fitness centers, and other workout facilities can use digital signage to:

  • Promote coaching and training services
  • Spotlight gym and facility amenities
  • Emphasis memberships perks
  • List daily class schedules and availability
  • Share member success stories
  • Specials and promotions for your juice bar

Improve Member Experiences

According to a recent Arbitron study, 70% of fitness club member watch 40 minutes of TV per visit.

Instead of streaming cable TV, use your screens in a more productive manner. When using digital signage for gyms and fitness centers you can control exactly what is being displayed, when it’s being showed and what screen the information is on!

Examples of information that you can display on digital signage for gyms include:

Customized Content

When using digital signage for gyms and fitness centers you can preschedule specific slides or playlists to automatically play on specific days and times. This enables you to tailor the messaging around your audience; certain content for your morning members and alternative content for late night members.

  • Time relevant announcements
  • Trainer schedules
  • Special new classes

In addition to scheduling content, with digital signage for gyms you can display any combination of media zones that will engage with your members. From live scrolling local news and sports headlines, social media feeds, information boards, to class schedules digital signage for gyms can be used to consistently and easily communicate with your members.

Save Money and Time

How many times have you had to print new static class schedules or sales? Once printed you then have to go and update the signage.

With digital signage for gyms and fitness centers, you will never have to print a sign again! By going digital you will be able to easily edit, update all of your screen information from any computer at any time.

By strategically placing screens across your gym and high traffic locations you can ensure that all of your communications are being seen. From a wayfinding / promotions sign in your lobby to various informational screens across your facility you can use digital signage as an easy and fun way to share your daily messaging.

Digital Signage for Gyms and Fitness Centers

NoviSign is an easy-to-use and all-in-one digital signage solution for gyms and fitness centers. Using the web-based design and management Studio you can:

  • Quickly design your content from scratch or templates
  • Add drag and drop widgets; RSS news, media slideshows, weather, images, videos
  • Incorporate Instagram, Twitter and Facebook live feeds
  • Schedule slides and playlists to autoplay and update on specific dates and times
  • Remotely manage all of your screens from any computer at any time


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