digital signage for law firms

Use digital signage for law firms and office to dynamically share information and communications about your services and more!

Digital Signage for Law Firms – Law Group Digital Signage

Digital signage for law firms can be used as a tool to visually share notifications and updates with potential clients, guests and other visitors. By adding the right combination of information to your screens, you will build trust while emphasizing why your law office is the right choice.

With Digital Signage for Law Firms, you can control the content of the screen from your computer then wirelessly send the updates to your screens. Digital signage for law firms can be used to display dynamically:

  • Custom welcome client messages
  • Share customer testimonials
  • About your firm and services
  • Biographies of your attorney
  • Law-related information
  • Showcase recent awards and accomplishments
  • Images of your staff and team
  • Social media streams


Create a Warm Welcome for Clients

Digital Signage for law firms can be used in your lobby, waiting area and other high traffic locations of your office. Create unique welcome slides or templates that include your client’s name and meeting time.

This personalizing is a great way to “break the ice” while letting your client know their time and visit is valued. These welcome slides can also be pre-scheduled to play in advance for auto-play.


Easy-to-Use and Effective

Digital Signage for Law Firms needs to be easy to manage, reliable and cost-effective. It needs to be set so any user with any background can make an on-the-fly edit then be able to send to the screen within minutes.

Using NoviSign cloud-based digital signage for law offices, your front desk manager, receptionist or other members of your team will be able to easily and quickly create and edit content for your law office screens.

  • For users with little or no technical background
  • Includes customizable templates
  • Drag-and-drop widgets and apps
  • No expensive hardware costs

Included with NoviSign are a series of drag-and-drop widgets that you can use to create your law office digital signage content with. Simply upload your PowerPoint slides, PNG, JPEG, Google Slides and MP4 videos then load them to the widgets to play!

Display any combination of items on your law office digital signage. Popular digital signage for law offices widgets include:

  • Multi-media slideshow of images and videos
  • Custom scrolling text tickers
  • RSS news, clock and weather feeds
  • List of daily meetings and schedules
  • Add a section or “zone” displaying your website
  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds
  • YouTube videos and playlists
  • Google Slides


Simple Scheduling of Content

Also included with NoviSign’s Digital Signage for Law Firms (Law Office Digital Signage) is the ability to pre-schedule specific templates or slides to play at specific times and dates automatically.

You can use this to add and play custom special welcome messages that greet potential new clients and other guests.


Why NoviSign

  • No expensive media player or hardware start-up costs
  • No hidden fees or charges for “premium ”
  • Hardware agnostic runs on Chrome OS, Android or Windows media player
  • Flat rate pricing that is all-inclusive
  • Online videos and user manual
  • Total support and training


To learn more about NoviSign, please give us a call any time or reach out to schedule a demo!

Our pricing starts at $20 a month, and we also have an advertising white label program that enables for fantastic margin.