Digital directory

When deployed a digital directory brings a modern look to your building while improving the way you manage tenant listings and more!

First impression matters. Make sure you impress people the moment they walk in your building.

When a tenant, client, visitors or anyone who enters a building, the first thing that they will notice is the lobby. The ambiance in your lobby and the digital directory speaks a lot about your business and how you enhance visitor’s experience and how you look after your tenants.

Maintaining and managing a digital directory has never been easier. When using a digital directory you will be able to easily change tenant information, show case available leasing options and more!

When deploying a digital directory, you can display and offer more detailed information about your building, provide wayfinding resources and enhance your building’s visual appeal.

Using a digital directory system you will:

  • Make on-the-fly updates to tenant listings
  • Reduce on-going printing expenses
  • Manage remotely anywhere from the internet
  • Updates are wirelessly sent to the digital directory

Control the Digital Directory from any Location

A digital directory is one of the best ways to enhance your guests’ and tenants’ experience. Use a digital directory to list your tenant’s corporate information and logo. Send new updates to the digital directory within minutes and even pre-schedule the digital directories to play custom welcome messages and other slides! Other benefits of a digital directory include:

  • Eliminates the cost of updating and printing
  • Provides an attractive display with attractive content
  • Displays any information – weather, traffic, news, videos, announcements, etc.
  • Add a wayfinding “You are here” map to the digital directory
  • Communicate updates in real-time in the case of a particular event or emergency.
  • Display event listings like meetings, conferences, reunions inside the building.

Content Rich Digital Directories

The power of a digital directory comes down to the variety of information that you can display. When using a digital directory, information can be delivered to your tenants and building visitors instantly. Adding, editing and publishing new tenants, events and information can be easily done using a digital directory. You can manage digital directories from the comfort of your office or anywhere you are.

Popular items being displayed on digital directory include:

  1. Property Management and Leasing Information: building maintenance information and promote current or upcoming leasing opportunities
  2. Media slideshows: incorporate a series of images, videos, PowerPoint slides, and other media files
  3. Scrolling news, sports and weather: add local weather forecasts, local news tickers, sports headlines and scores
  4. Corporate announcements: Feature new company information, bulletins and messaging
  5. Traffic Reports: Add live area traffic reports and updates
  6. Building Information: List images of your building, facilities accommodations and available amenities.

Additional Information: