From any Web browser, you can open NoviSign signage manager, and create, set, broadcast and monitor your campaign online using our signage software as a service.

Online Digital Signage as a Service:

NoviSign provides a modern Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for complete digital signage. The cloud-based digital signage software is the perfect way to create and manage campaigns online, as it removes the server management, software installation, backup, and all other IT related headaches. The sign-up process is both simple and self-explanatory. From that point, you are connected to your personal area under the NoviSign server and can start managing your campaigns. NoviSign provides a unique white label for partners, allowing them to use NoviSign as a ‘back office’ embedded in their own Web sites, completely transparent to their customers, and with special partner’s rate. Refer to the following page to learn more about our Partner program.

The online signage manager tool has the following features:

A Creative can be a media file such as an image, an animated short or a movie loaded directly into the NoviSign manager. The most common type of Creative, however, is a slide, which is a composite screen built with the NoviSign editor. In the slide. the screen can be split into a number of areas to present different advanced media components.
This is an online Creative composer tool that enables configuring the screen into a few main zones and combining different advanced media on the same screen. The online signage Editor allows you to add: text, images, clips, SWF, rolling text, RSS, YouTube & Ustream videos, Facebook, Instagram, a clock, and much more.
The Playlist is a set of created slides or media files that are placed in the order of display and which can be scheduled for broadcast.
The Player is a logical identifier of the player software app, which retrieves the information from the NoviSign server and presents it on the screen. In the previous version of NoviSign, this would called, a “screen,” as in most instances, there is a one-one relation between the player and the screen (each player is connected to a screen).
screen and players group Group
If you have many screens under your responsibility, you can always group them together by location or subject and send a broadcast to all the groups at once.

Just log in to our NoviSign online signage manager tool at and with just a few clicks, you will be able to broadcast to any one of your screens around the world.