Step 4: Edit & Create

Creative Composer


The NoviSign Creative Composer: here you will be able to create the content for your digital sign. It consists of four primary features:

(1) Drag & drop widgets: 20+ feature icons located on the left-hand page of the screen.

(2) Canvas: this is where you add your widgets (by dragging and dropping them from the widget arsenal in the left) to create the content for the sign.

(3) Properties box: right panel, where you can adjust the settings for each widget.

(4) Preview: few seconds preview of the content that you made.

Required Action:

(A) Select drop-down list titled “Fill” (inside of “Properties” box), select your background color.

(B) Click and drag a widget to the canvas.

(C) Once dropped onto the screen, you can resize/adjust the widget to your requirements.

(D) Widget settings can be found in the properties box located on the right pane.

(E) To preview what you have made, click the blue button titled “Preview”.

(F) Once you have your creative/template created, click the “Save” button and then click the X in the top right corner of the Creative Composer, in order to close it.

Additional Widget Details:

Drag & drop widgets include:

Widgets list

Widget User Guides:

Media Best Practices:

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