Connect your Outlook or Google calendar with digital signage to streamline the way your organization displays schedules. Use digital signage for event listings to display your daily or weekly listings of events, meetings and other scheduled occasions. Sync your calendar with your screen for automatic updates of the digital signs event listings. The applications are endless. Not to mention that you can add NoviSign’s integrations software to incorporate data from your other systems

  • 10” tablets mounted outside of your conference rooms listing the day’s meetings
  • Displays in your lobby sharing weekly event schedules
  • School class schedules, exam times and sporting event times
  • Daily and upcoming theatre or movie showing times
  • Hotel and resort event schedules and times
  • Convention center daily agendas

Digital signage for event listings

How does it work?

It’s digital signage for event listings. By connecting your 365, Exchange Server or Google Calendar with NoviSign, you can automate the process of managing your events. Every time an event is added or removed your event listings digital sign will update within minutes.

Benefits of Digital Signage for Events Listings

  • The event listings layout can be customized to match your branding and colors
  • Incorporate custom scrolling text tickers that feature event related information
  • All changes made in your calendar sync on the screen within minutes
  • Can connect with Outlook calendars, Exchange Server, 365 and Google Calendar

How Can I Use Event Listings Digital Signage?

Digital signage for event listings is one of the best ways to streamline the way you easily share your schedules. Create eye-catching layouts that are informative, visually appealing and best of all resourceful.

Using digital signage for event listings, allows you to seamlessly display media slideshows of HD images and videos, custom scrolling text tickers, RSS news feeds, weather forecasts all while showcasing your event listings. The benefits of digital signage for event listings include:

  • Improve awareness of upcoming meetings and events
  • Emphasis your companies image by adding your logo and company branding
  • Add wayfinding maps to improve navigation to venue locations and meeting rooms
  • Eliminate the need to manually update the digital signs event listings


In conjunction with displaying your company announcements incorporate your schedules on the screens.

  • Display conference room meeting times and availability
  • Share project milestone and deadline dates
  • Spotlight employee birthdays and work anniversaries
  • List internal company meeting and training events

Improve Experiences with Event Listings Digital Signage

By connecting your 365, Exchange Server or Google Calendar with digital signage for event listings you will never have to worry again about having to manually update your digital sign event listings. Because the digital sign event listing will always be accurate viewers of the screen will always see the right information. Digital signage for event listings can be used to share additional information that is relevant to the event.

  • Add custom welcome messages to event attendees
  • Incorporate event picture slideshows
  • Display a live Instagram, Twitter or Facebook feed of the event

About NoviSign Digital Signage

NoviSIgn offers a cloud-based digital signage software platform that is easy-to-use and scalable. With NoviSign’s digital signage for event listings, your screen’s control over the design and your screens content from any computer at any time.