BBQ Restaurant Digital Menu Boards open the door to improving the way you display your menu while bringing simplicity to updating your BBQ menu. With BBQ Restaurant’s digital menu boards, you have total control over what is being displayed. Easily add your menu items with descriptions and prices or incorporate eye-catching images of your food.

Benefits of BBQ Restaurant Digital Menu Boards:

  • Upload your existing menu to the TV or create one from an existing BBQ restaurant digital menu board template
  • Make on-the-fly updates to the menus items as food sells out
  • Preschedule your daily specials, meal deals and other dayparting related menus to update automatically
  • All that you need is a computer and TV to get started

What type of TV do I need for BBQ Restaurant Digital Menu Boards?

If you have existing TVs, you can use those! If you need to get the TVs you can use any brand. It doesn’t matter if it is “Smart TV” or need any special features. Any type of TV will work. For size, we recommend 42″ and up.

Aside from TVs, you will need a media player. That is a small form device that is 4″ x 4″ x 1″ and connects to the internet via WiFi and TV via HDMI. That device is what will wirelessly download your BBQ digital menu board and play it on the screen.

How many items can display on each TV?

If you want to only displaying menu items with no text, you can list up to around 29 items per TV. Anything over 30+ will start to look visually crowded, and your BBQ digital menu board could begin to get hard to read.

If you are looking to incorporate images with your BBQ menu, we suggest listing around 21 items per TV. This will allow for proper spacing, so the menu is easy to read.

How do design a BBQ restaurant digital menu board?

When it comes to setting up your menu, it comes down to design and the proper arrangement of text and images. From setting up a clean chalkboard style menu to going all out with graphics, you can easily use NoviSign’s digital menu board software to design and manage your BBQ restaurant’s digital menu board.

Using the included professionally designed BBQ digital menu templates to set-up your menu, easily add your menu items, descriptions, prices and food images with drag-and-drop widgets.

What is the cost associated with BBQ restaurant digital menu boards?

You can get up and running all for under $499. That cost will get you a TV, media player and BBQ digital menu board software. For TVs, you can stop at BestBuy, Wal-Mart or Target and purchase TVs that are on sale. Don’t worry; any brand will work fine!

What’s next?

Getting your BBQ restaurant digital menu boards up and running, you will need first to get your menu designed. To get this going, sign-up first for a free 30-day trial of your NoviSign and begin preparing your menu! Don’t worry about the TVs, those will always be on sale and you can easily purchase those after you have the menu ready!

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